Radio Run-Through: Bitter Gourd

Welcome to Radio Run-Through, a new feature where we’ll showcase WRMC’s student-run radio shows to help you figure out what you’ll want to tune in to. Let us know if there any specific shows or music genres you’d like to see featured in the comment section below!

Real Estate's new album "Days" helps to facilitate plant growth (and human productivity, we like to think).

WHAT: Bitter Gourd — a botanical talk show interspersed with college rock songs that help to facilitate plant growth
WHO: Anjali Merchant ’13 and Carly Shumaker ’13
WHEN: 10:00 – 11:00 am on Saturdays
WHY THEY THINK YOU SHOULD TUNE IN: “Growing up, children generally feel a stronger affinity to animals than plants. Our radio show aims to champion the undervalued green world. Each week, we focus on a particular plant species and over the course of an hour we talk about its economic, medicinal, social, culinary, and/or ecological value and consequences. Two weeks ago we discussed agave, a type of succulent plant that grows in the southeastern united states and mexico. The syrup of blue agave is employed in the production of tequila and is also consumed as a natural sweetener. We spoke about tila tequila, mexican state laws, diabetes, and ways to drink tequila … Ultimately, you should listen to our show because we discuss more than just plant physiology, for we address the implications these plants have on their local ecosystems and the world. We’re also willing to bet that we’re the only botanical talk show on college radio.”
WHY WE THINK YOU SHOULD TUNE IN: The concept is intriguing enough on its own, but if you need a real reason to listen, the jams are killer. It’s just up-beat enough to help motivate you to start your day, but also mellow enough to help you get through that Saturday morning hangover.


“Intro (ft. Zola Jesus)” – M83

“It’s Real” – Real Estate