The Ethics of our Endowment: Make it Yours!

The poster for the Town Hall Discussion

Have you ever wondered what our endowment is, how it works, or what its composed of? Or, do you want to lend your ideas to how our endowment should be structured to represent your ideas on ethics and investing? Then we here at Middlblog suggest you go to the Socially Responsible Investing Townhall Meeting today from 4:30-6:00 PM in the Warner Hemicycle. Here is a quick synopsis of why you should you go to this meeting, even if you have never been involved with SRI or investing on our campus.

Ben Chute ‘13.5, the president of SRI, notes that at SRI’s previous panel on the endowment there was a great turnout but due to the panel structure there was insufficient input from students. He states that, “we loved the turnout at our last event but felt that students didn’t get a chance to lend their voice, so we decided that a town hall meeting would provide for that opportunity.” Ben also stressed that, “even if you have never been involved in SRI or our endowment, we want to hear from anyone who is interested in all to get a better sense of how to move our endowment forward.”

The meeting will feature presenters Olivia Grugan ’12, Rihya Trivedi ’12, Craig Thompson ‘13.5, and Chute, which will be followed by an open discussion on the ethics of our endowment. If for nothing else, we think this will be a great event that all should attend to learn more about such an important component of our Middlebury education, the endowment. As the endowment represents our institution, how then do you want it to represent your ideals and values? Let SRI and everyone else know from 4:30-6:00 PM in the Hemicycle!