Real World: San Diego Episode 10 Recap

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MTV aired a Real World double-header last night- the ONE night in Real World 26 history that I was unable to watch the show live. Go figure. Here’s your episode 10 summary. Episode 11 also aired last night but has not yet been made available online. Check back for a recap!

Episode 10: Camp Out, Drag Out, Sing Out

The gang was everywhere in this episode- the clubs, the house, and the wilderness, even- but no matter where they went, they just couldn’t seem to get along. Frank decides that the time between ab reps at the gym is a good one in which to have a serious conversation with Ashley. She politely steers the conversation away from the truth (“Frank, I hate you”) by talking about how much she liked having his ex-boyf Michael around. Frank is peeved by her fakeness, but perhaps more peeved by her unwillingness to focus on him; “Well, Ashley, what about me?!” he says in the Confessional later. When he returns home from the gym, Frank vents to a mildly interested Nate, caling Ashley is a “white-bread dumb conservative b*tch.” In the same breath, he says they could have a real friendship if she could just be honest with him (which makes sense, right? that’s what I call my friend crushes, too).

As the producers of any family movies know (The Parent Trap, RV, etc), the best cure for family strife is a camping trip!!! It’s also a great excuse to dress in camo (cue the montage of housemates in various stages of war paint, olive green, and undress). The camo-clad army invades a Subway on the way out of town and then hits the road. After setting up camp, the gang takes a sunset “hike” (1.4 miles over flat land…Priscilla wears Uggs), but Zashley speed ahead to share a quiet moment at the lookout before the others arrive. When they also head to bed early and miss family s’more time, Frank becomes angry that their canoodling is interrupting group cohesion.

The ep concludes with Sam’s club performance as her drag king persona, $hawn Jade. As expected, Nate gets toasted at a pre-party and has to be dragged out of bed to the actual performance. Drunk Nate “doesn’t give a sh*t” what anyone else thinks, which means that the car ride to the show is peppered with slurred, sarcastic comments aimed at Zach and Ashley. Alex attempts to mediate the gossipy quarreling between Zashley and Frank and Nate, and everyone decides to put the bickering aside to focus on supporting Sam.

The next day, though, Frank and the gymtwins rumble on the streetcorner on the way to work out. When confronted about his gossiping, Frank claims he talks about them “out of care” (care = phrases like “white-bread dumb conservative b*tch”). With Ashley, he says, “everything is feigned and fake.” (WAIT, Frank, you mean that reality tv isn’t real?! my worldview is shattered!! why do I even write these recaps anymore!??!) They part ways without coming to blows, but this quarrel isn’t going to blow over.

The episode ends with a mediocre musical performance by Alex at the House of Blues. Priscilla cries. That’s all.

There’s certainly more family feuding on the way, though; episode 11 takes place in Cabo, where, according to online clips, Zashley spend more time alone together. Priscilla is legal there, too, and ready to make up for 3 months of sobriety. You do you, girll! Check back for a recap soon.

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One thought on “Real World: San Diego Episode 10 Recap

  1. I am just watching the reunion. Frank thinks it is the All About Frank Show. He talked so much trash about Zach and Ashely. And then that 19 year old girl just parrots back the exact words that Frank says. No matter how much Zach tries to answer Frank wont let him and still he yells at Zach to answer but wont let Zach talk.

    Yet, what healthy person would hang around with someone who goes psycho all the time and constantly talks trash behind their back? Frank and the rest of them can’t get that. I would lose respect for anyone who would talk trash behind their back like Frank. Frank even screwed over Micheal, the guy he supposedly loved. Who wants that? If I lived in a house with Frank I would do everything possible to stay away from him at all costs. Who needs that drama? Frank thinks everyone is obligated to fix his wounds.

    Frank caused 95% of the drama. If he was not being all full of himself and Frankish the rest of the group could have gotten along a lot better. He is an exhausting attention monger. Hope they never cast him on anything again.

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