Sunday Reading: We’re Always One Step Behind

Hey everybody, so finals are here and they are here to stay.  We could all pretend for awhile that this day wasn’t coming, but, as days tend to do, it has come.  But you know… you could always procrastinate more and play guess-the-Disney-lyrics-with-no-context games on Sporcle for about an hour.  Or you could read some of these links. Your choice.

MUSIC: So I know this isn’t new news, but someone recently shared this article with me, and I think it’s wonderful- What happens when you have a world-class violinist play in the Metro in DC?

MEDICINE: Gene therapy has made significant breakthrough in curing hemophilia B.  Researchers successfully treated six patients suffering from the blood-clotting disease  by injecting them with the correct form of a defective gene.  Pretty cool stuff.

MOVIES: The newest proposed Pixar film will be set inside a girl’s mind.  “It is about her emotions as characters, and is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.”- Sounds pretty awesome.  We’ll have to wait until 2014 to see it though… darn you animation.

PHOTOGRAPHY: In Focus releases the first part of “The Year in Photos” – some really beautiful pictures.  One shows cargo containers in Japan after the tsunami- they look like matchboxes.  And then this one of the royal family is just hilarious, check out the little girl.

TIME: Not the magazine, the concept.  DISCOVER magazine writes 10 things you didn’t know about time.  Number 4? – You live in the past.  80 milliseconds in the past, to be precise.

SLEEP: Try out the BBC sleep profiler to see how good of a sleeper you are and to get recommendations on how to improve your sleep schedule.  A good night’s sleep isn’t all about 8 hours a night these days.


And your video of the week: (Its another jetpack, I know, but it’s awesome)