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Summary: Monday night, Dana Auditorium was packed (I don’t think there was a single seat free) as the Film and Media Culture Department screened the production videos made by this semester’s Sight and Sound 2 students, a senior independent study, and the 3D computer animation class.

Becker-Parton's short started off the night

Good: It was clear that many of the participants in these classes poured a significant amount of time and effort into each of these projects. Starting the night off, Charlie Kaplan’s Film Project, made by Brad-Becker Parton, ‘11.5, was beautifully done and incorporated a pretty incredible range of media types in a relatively short piece- home video, animation, and traditional filming.  Other crowd favorites included Hunter Nolan’s Hush (a library love story) which managed to have a really rich narrative while still putting time and effort into interesting shot compositions and techniques.  Matt Lennon’s piece For Mom was also well done and echoed strongly of Psycho, sufficiently disturbing the audience for a while.  Finally, the animation piece was in a category all on it’s own.  My extremely limited knowledge of animation is that it is extremely hard to do and takes a really long time.  That being said, I thought the animation was done very well, the technical skills were just incredible.

Bad: The shorts represented a real range of experience and technical skill within the classes.  Although the Sight and Sound class requires a pre-requisite of Sight and Sound I, it was clear to both me and the audience that some students had much more experience than others.  In several of the shorts, the directors seemed to focus on narratives that were confusing and often not resolved instead of putting more effort into the visual production of the short itself.  Additionally, the animation video, while beautifully done, was a bit difficult to follow in terms of plot, leaving many of us to wonder what exactly happened in the story as we left Dana.

Broad:  The videos Monday night represented an incredible range of the Film and Media Studies department.  I was pretty impressed with the quality of both content and visual imagery of many of the shorts I watched that night.  While some were executed more successfully than others, I think it was a really interesting look into the production side of the department and something I will definitely plan on attending in the future.

Contextual Rating… While there are no more public screenings of the shorts as a group, I’m sure many of them will be posted online soon.  I would definitely recommend putting aside that paper you need to write to watch the few I have mentioned above, although, as the Internet is a beautiful thing, they will be around for awhile.

Here’s the animation video below, I’ll add links as I find the videos or as they become available online:


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  1. While Brad’s film was clearly better-produced than a number of the Sight and Sound pieces, I felt that it still lacked a compelling storyline. The last scene seemed like the beginning of a short film, not the end. Other thoughts?

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