Middlebury’s Sophie Clarke Wins Survivor

Sophie, '11 won Survivor tonight. That is awesome.

Sophie Clarke, Midd grad from 2011 won a million dollars on Survivor tonight.  Clearly our Middlebury education is worth something these days.  Look out for a more details and a recap of the finale episode tomorrow.  Congratulations! Here’s CBS news coverage.


3 thoughts on “Middlebury’s Sophie Clarke Wins Survivor

  1. Hope her win makes you see how strange and stupid it was to do weekly recaps of The Real World, a show with no excitement building up, and not recap Survivor. tooooo bad

  2. Hi Mikers, I apologize, finals caught up with me so I didn’t recap last weeks’ episode, but I have been recapping the survivor episodes since the merge. We decided recaps before the merge on the show would have too many contestants and hardly any screentime of Sophie, so we bet on her doing well (looks like we bet right!)

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