Lesbihonest: It’s time to acsexsorize!

Dip it low, pick it up slow.

I have taken the past month or so off from updating my “Lesbihonest” blog, but during this writing hiatus I have been thinking and talking a lot about sex.  Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex. Over the past one and a half months I have overheard many students on this campus exasperatedly proclaim, “I just want to have sex tonight!” or “I am so horny!” or “Where am I supposed to find someone I can just hook up with?” I am still on the quest to figure out how Middlebury can create a culture that is more conducive to a comfortable hook-up scene—where dating becomes more of a norm and going out to breakfast the night after one hot night with a stranger does not instantly imply one wants to be in a relationship.  These are challenges I hope to address later, but right now I want to talk about ways in which individuals or couples can spice up their own sex lives.  These suggestions do not necessarily require you to go out this winter and stumble aimlessly about on the icy pathways, trying to find a party where another individual, who is equally as sexually charged as you, awaits.

This is going to be a three part series. The first post will look at different toys and products individuals or couples can use in their sex lives, the second will focus on non-traditional forms of sex and the third will discuss ways in which couples can spice up their sex life without spending lots of money.

Please keep in mind that these are merely suggestions.  Not every idea will be right for every person.  Furthermore I do not claim to be a sex expert—some of what I state you may disagree with or have experienced differently.  If so, please share your comments!  I merely hope to spark an interest in individuals who have found that their sex lives have become routine and wish to break free of that predictable cycle.

Toys and Acsexsories:

The Classic: The Vibrator

There are a plethora of choices when it comes to dildos as each offers different features—some focus on stimulation of the G-spot where as others are more concerned with pleasing the clitoris.  I will only discuss three types, but will link others that could be worth pursuing.


Ohmibod is a vibrator that connects with the music on your ipod to get your body excited to the beats and rhythms of your favorite tunes.  You will become a soldier marching to the beat of your own drum—the music creates a great ambiance both within and outside of the body.  Typical cost of Ohmibod is $59.  Ohmibod also offers other products like Naughtibod ($59) and Club Vibe ($49).

2) Vibratex Rock Your World-

Get a little more bang for your buck; Vibratex Rock Your World excites and activates (?) all the pleasure spots within the body.  This vibrator, priced at $79.95 (but check online for deals) rotates, vibrates, tickles and tantalizes.  It looks funky but is sure to please.

3) Screaming O O Wow-

This product is great for couples, who wish to experience good vibrations together.  It is lightweight, inexpensive at $19.95 and reusable.  Buzz your night away with this and let the sensation overwhelm both parties.

Vibrators range in size, shape and price.  The Pleasure Chest is a great website that offers vibrators for women, men, and couples all at varying prices.  Check it out!

The Necessary: Lube

Lube is an acsexsory that many rely on for their sexcapades.  Similar to vibrators, there are many different options, but my recommendation is finding one that does not take away from your whole sexual experience—it should add to your pleasure, but not dominate it.

1)   K-Y Yours+Mine

The K-Y Yours+Mine lubricant comes with two different bottles—one for him and one for her.  While the promotion of this lubricant is intended towards a heterosexual crowd, same sex couples can enjoy it just as much.  The price for this product varies, but many stores sell it for $17.99.

2)   Durex Play Assorted Temptations

The British company Durex has created this variety pack for individuals or couples who want to try out different products.  Each box comes with two packets of the choices Tingle, Warm, Soothe, Pina Colada or Cherry.  For those who wish to keep their sex play private, this product is ideal because each packet is small and inconspicuous and can easily be hidden away during travel.  It usually costs around $6.50.

3)   ID Juicy Lube

ID Juicy Lube is great for a plethora of reasons:

  • it tastes GOOD (the flavors range from Mint to Strawberry Kiwi to Lemon Drop to Tangerine to Berrylicious)
  • it is water based and water soluble so you can use it with toys made out of any material and it washes off without soap
  • it can be used with both latex and polyurethane condoms
  • it does not stain
  • one bottle costs around $6.00

4)   Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant for Men

This Rapid-Fire lubricant is preferred by homosexual male couples.  It is silicone based, making it a bit messier to clean up (use soap and water)  but should not be used with any other silicone products or toys.  It does however provide for longer lasting arousal and is fortified with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to allow for less resistance and more enhanced pleasure.  The history of this product is interesting to know.

Also, see the above website for listings of other recommended lubricants.

The Tasty: Food

1)   Nutella

Personally I love Nutella.  I like to eat it on toast, with milk and off…my fingers!  This hazelnut spread is a tasty, versatile option for individuals and couples who are looking to satisfy multiple cravings.  Warning: it stains! Make sure to use it on surfaces you don’t care a lot about and use stain remover if you happen to smudge some on your favorite comforter.

2)   Whipped Cream

This sweet food is not as tasty from a can, but it sure is fun to use.  If you are truly up for it, turn yourself or your significant other into a sundae, complete with strawberries, bananas, chocolate sauce and nuts (that is if your not allergic/into that).

3)   Grapes

Fruit is not only healthy, but also sexy.  Dress up or dress down and use these tasty morsels to make your partner smile.  Tip: choose seedless

4)   Avocado

Make your own body butter, whip up some guacamole or do a chip and dip…this provocatively shaped fruit tastes good and is a natural aphrodisiac.

5)   Sushi

Samantha from the “Sex and the City Two” movie showed us that eating sushi can be quite fun.  Vegetarians and meat eaters can enjoy this activity alike!

Other foods: Chocolate chips, strawberries, champagne, sparkling water, and cucumbers.  Don’t let your dietary requirements restrict you!

Let’s be honest-  Acsexsorizing is for everyone.

Please keep your eyes peeled for the next installment “Lesbihonest:Threesomes, foursomes and moresomes” to learn about non-traditional forms of sex you can engage in.

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