Sunday Reading: Twinkies, Tebow and Hipsters

Hey everybody! After a solid first week of Jterm: be it Death-by-Orgo, non-stop skiing, devoutly working on your “thesis” (watching all of Mad Men) or never leaving Ross (there’s gotta be someone…) I now bring you my weekly installment of news/random stories/whatever I think is interesting outside of the Middlebury world.

MUSIC: Remember “This is How We Do It” and Eiffel 65’s “Blue?” Me either. Thankfully, Thought Catalog’s Chelsea Fagan has assembled a list of the Top 10 Middle school dance jams. You’ll thank me later. Turn up those speakers.

BEAUTIFUL GEEKDOM: Several big ones this week.  (1) Ever wonder what Star Wars characters would look like if they were style-saavy hipsters? Apparently so has John Woo, a Hong-Kong based designer and illustrator. You can find his paintings here. My personal favorite is “Chewbacca with Outdoor Style.” (2) reports that the Avengers will be from Captain America’s perspective. Not all too worried about whose perspective its from, just want to see more of this.

WEDDING CRASHING: Now, there’s an app for that too. Crash Corsage (be sure to watch the video demo) deftly uses all of the happy couple’s online info they post about the wedding; the app streams it into an easy-to-navigate format and helps you party the night away. Even better, you can earn points to see where you rank among fellow wedding crashers.

TWINKIES: The news that Hostess filed for bankruptcy was a filing heard round the world, soliciting response from the most prestigious to obscure of news sources. From those who tried to envision a world without Twinkies to NPR’s list of 10 things to do with Twinkies to prove how useful they are, it is clear they are an American cultural icon. Interesting finding: turns out, Twinkies do not dissolve in Mountain Dew, unlike mice (as Pepsi claims).

HAPPINESS: It’s like Thought Catalog just exists to provide me with my favorite articles. Ever wonder the Things You Need In Order To Stay Happy? Or just want confirmation someone agrees with your life philosophy? Definitely read it. Read it now. And read it once more.

TEBOW, FOOTBALL & FATE: Tebow. The amazing man, the myth, the legend. Sadly though, yesterday the Broncos were easily shut down by the Patriots, (45-10) in a highly anticipated playoff game. Blogger Patton Dodd wrote of the match-up between Tebow and Brady in advance of the game: “Brady is the guy every teenage boy wants to be. Tebow is the guy every teenage boy’s mom wants him to be.” Apparently, being a momma’s favorite didn’t serve him too well against the Patriots. The victory has led some to question if God exists, though, I’ll leave that up to you.

COLBERT: As though last week my obsession level wasn’t obsessed enough… this week he definitely deserves his own category. This past Thursday, Colbert handed over his SuperPac to Jon Stewart in order to form an exploratory committee to examine his possible run as a candidate for the President of South Carolina!

And for your video of the week, for all you thesis and ‘independent project’ workers for Jterm — this video goes to you. An oldie-but-goodie AMAZING post-it stop motion animation film about deadlines & the art of procrastination. Enjoy!


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