Sunday Reading: Politics, Meat Week, and Celebrity Tweets

And here we are — somehow the last week of Jterm. Well, without further ado, my weekly installment of  random findings/news/musings/things from across the internet. Please enjoy, and stay healthy in this time of lingering gastro-plague!

U.S. Navy Seals: Another reminder of just how incredible our armed forces are this week — Navy Seals this past Wednesday rescued two aid workers who had been held by pirates in Somalia for months. According to reports from NPR and the New York Times, The Seals rescued Jessica Buchanan and Poul Thisted, receiving the OK for the mission after it was determined Buchanan’s health was in decline. Nine pirates were killed; no Seals were injured.

1,000 Pounds of Butter: This year’s Pennsylvania Farm show featured a whopper 1,000 pound butter sculpture of a 4-H member receving a ribbon at the county fair for a prized calf. Coolest part? The sculpture is now going to Juniata County Dairy Farm, where when run through a methane digester to gen. 65-kWh, running the farm for three days. According to the Fair’s report, Sculptor Jim Victor of Conshohocken, Montgomery County according to the Fair’s report also creates sculptures using chooolate and cheese. (Chocolate Mead Chapel anyone?!)

Computer Glitches: Remember that nightmare when you thought your college acceptance letters were actually just mistakes; they must have mailed the wrong one?  Turns out that did unfortunately happen Friday to some Vassar College Early Applicants. According to the New York Times Report, 122 (of 254 total applicants for the early decision round) students logged in to see a ‘test letter’ that had been intended as a placeholder prior to real admissions decisions being posted. Of those 122 who logged in before the error had been discovered, only 46 had been accepted and 76 had not been. All I can say is, thank you Middlebury College Admissions and our amazing Web Designers/Programmers/everyone!

The Little District that Could?: DC this week attempted to begin its quest for statehood in New Hampshire, hoping the ‘no taxation without representation’ would resound with the state. However, according to the Washington Post report, the delegation (a mix of councilmen, DC Mayor Vincent Gray, DC Votes advocates and District residents) received quite the cold reception. The delegation is planning a trip to Florida next.

The GOP & State of the Union: Another whirlwind week! While Romney seems to be bouncing back in Florida (and that primary is Tuesday), Herman Cain (former candidate) endorsed Gingrich this week. As the Washington Post reported, Cain said, “Speaker Gingrich is a patriot. Speaker Gingrich is not afraid of bold ideas.” Yes, this we know. His moon colony is just one of a fascinating suite of ideas (as I referenced last week)  that he’s shockingly keeping as part of his campaign platforms. Luckily, even the GOP is stepping up its efforts to ensure Gingrich does not receive its nomination. In other news reaching across party lines, the Presidential State of the Union was this past Tuesday, find the full video here.

Facebook Timeline: Love it or hate it, according to Mashable, the facebook timeline is going to be rolled out to all in the next few weeks. Users will have seven days to preview content (aka… time to hide things you don’t want staying public). Want to get ahead of the game or understand how it works? Mashable has your back, check out their guides here.

Culinary World:
Today is the start of Meat Week. Yep, just as it sounds, a week where people can pledge to eat meat and only meat (sorry LessMeat Mondays). With chapters around the country, it’s even prompted DC Vegans to fire back with a “D.C. Meat Free Week,” scheduled for the week following. Regardless of your opinions, these Meat Week-ers have it down. There are tshirts with the ever-important slogan “Eat, Meat, Repeat,” and even a carol. Shortest way to understand the phenom — check out this documentary one woman made of her experience last year. It’s pretty incredible.

Colbert: While Colbert did garner over 6,300 votes on the Cain-Colbert ticket in South Carolina, on Monday he announced the end of his presidential exploratory committee. While currently divested in a battle to now wrangle his Super PAC back from Jon Stewart — he took some time to TWEET ABOUT MIDDLEBURY Friday! Way to go to the Hunt teams that pulled this one off. Or maybe it’s that for the past three Sunday readings I’ve devotedly given him a point of interest. See his, and other celeb tweets on #thehunt2012 in Middblog’s coverage of the Hunt yesterday.

Video of the Week:
Not sure when exactly this happened, but earlier this week the BBC picked up the story of a Slovakian viola player Lukas Kmit, who reacted with ease to a cellphone ringing and interrupting his recital. Kmit easily adapted the classic Nokia ringtone, and frankly, it has never been so beautiful.