Sunday Reading: Read This Instead of Doing Your Homework.

Hey everyone, welcome back from Feb break, I’ll bet you’re all real excited about the massive amounts of reading you have amiright? In any case, winter carnival starts this Thursday, so at least we have the ice-sculptures to look forward to.  In other news, this stuff is interesting:

CATS: Your cat may actually be driving you crazy.  So maybe, the crazy cat lady is actually being driven crazy by her cats? Research by one Czech scientist may indicate that a parasite excreted by cats in their feces has the ability to give some individuals flu-like symptoms, while others observe a significant change in their psychological well-being possibly contributing to depression, suicide, and other mental disorders.

HEALTH: Today, the New York Times did a beautiful profile of a non-profit, The National Kidney Registry, that matches kidney donors with recipients to provide those needing an organ with one they would probably never get otherwise.  It’s a beautiful piece, well worth the read if you have time.

PHOTOGRAPHY: For your viewing entertainment, here is a really beautiful collection of long exposure photography.  Pretty awesome.

MEDICINE: Researchers recently suspended a study of a new deadly flu virus, H5N1 that seems to have too many of the characteristics of Contagion, minus the crazy seizures. Research was supposedly suspended due to fear of terrorists using the virus as biological warfare.

TECHNOLOGY: Ok, here’s the deal, I know very little about actual computer stuff other than what my helpdesk-working friend tells me.  But VLC has just released version 2.0 of their software, the all-powerful free/open video-player that can convert just about any type of movie format and make it watchable.  VLC is awesome, so I can only imagine 2.0 is excellent as well.  Get it.

And your video of the week (Just spend the rest of your life watching this over and over again and you will always be satisfied) (in my opinion)


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