Sunday Reading: Video Edition

So I was looking over things to link to today, and I kept on coming across really interesting/funny/weird videos, so this will be more like Sunday Watching… Oh well, we can all be lazy sometimes right? Check it out:

FILM: Wes Anderson recently directed a pair of ads for Hyundai, here and here.  Reminds me of the good ol days when Super Bowl ads were worth watching.  (Interestingly, the trailer for his new film, Moonrise Kingdom is filmed entirely straight on or perpendicular to the action.)

SPORTS: It disappoints me to say this, but ‘diving’ to get a foul in soccer, basketball, and other sports, is rapidly becoming a central strategy of the game.  There are some who hold out, however.  Here’s a video compilation of Messi, the Argentine soccer star, staying on his feet when most others would be on the ground.

OLDIES: Remember the days when we didn’t have at least three technological devices surrounding us at all times? Here’s a video from the early 90’s on Sesame Street, asking students to describe computers.  Reminds me of this MTV-made gem from 1994 on the “information superhighway.”

LINGUISTICS: A vocal pattern called ‘vocal fry‘ has slowly infiltrated the speech of many of American women today. Apparently, it is common to observe college-age women ending sentences in the lowest vocal register using a creaky vibration. Sound familiar? Listen about a minute into this clip from the show Louie to hear it.

ART: In her most recent work, Spanish visual artist Ana Soler hung over 2,000 tennis balls throughout the Mustang Art Gallery in Spain.  The balls are carefully aligned in suspended trajectories that appear to bounce off surfaces providing a sense of motion similar to a photograph taken with a strobe light.

And your bonus video of the week, courtesy of the Crampus: