How ‘Bout them Avocados?

As you may have noticed, a welcome addition has been made to the dining halls — avocados. 10,000 pounds of avocados, to be precise.

“These avocados, Ettinger Avocados are used as “pollinators” for the Haas Avocados,” according to Director of Dining Services Matthew Biette. “Because they are not as oily (the good kind) and have more moisture content and thinner skin, they don’t have as much marketability.”

Ettinger Avocados also take a bit longer to ripen, and as a result, it’s not uncommon to see students hoarding these green vegetables and waiting for them to soften. Put them in a paper bag (to facilitate oxidation and thus, ripening) and they’ll be ready to eat in a week or two.

“There are not many students who wouldn’t appreciate some avocado in a recipe or straight up,” Biette said. “Indeed, it pushes the limits on time and creativity [for dining services and students alike] but the smiles they produce are worth it.”

The donation came from the parent of a current student who has requested to remain anonymous. (Note to donor: if you’re reading this, THANK YOU!!!)

Have you been hoarding avocados? Let us know what you plan to do with them. Or, click through for recipes. With 10,000 pounds to spare, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of room for experimentation.


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    • Updated the post with a half-answer to the question everyone has been asking: they came from a student’s parents who have requested to remain anonymous.

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