“Sweet on Relay” Sandwich kicks off Relay for Life Week

Middlebury senior Divya Dethier won the Noonie’s Deli sandwich contest with her “Sweet on Relay” entry, besting 17 other delectable entries.  Divya’s sandwich consists of carmelized onions, turkey, bacon, melted cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and apricot jam.  To support Relay for Life, Noonie’s will donate $1 for every purchase of the “Sweet on Relay Sandwich” through May 4.  However, if the sandwich proves to be a lucrative addition to Noonie’s menu, it may become a permanent change.

Noonie Deli plans to donate a portion of "Sweet on Relay" sandwich profits to Relay for Life

The sandwich promotion is one of many opportunities to support Relay for Life at Middlebury.  Relay for life is an overnight relay event to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  The event begins with a Survivors Lap and ends with a fight back ceremony during which participants pledge to take action and spread awareness of cancer related issues.  Middlebury’s Relay for Life event takes place in Kenyon Arena where various teams gather and take turns walking laps overnight to support the cause.  Last year over 500 students participated in the charity event.

This will be Middlebury’s 9th annual Relay for life and participants frequently raise over $100,000!  This years theme is Disney, and the relay will take place on Friday, May 4.  Middlebury’s Relay for Life teams and event co-chairs have been planning a series of events for Relay Week to prepare for the main event.

Some highlights include…

On Monday April 9th: Two Brother’s Charity Night From 5-8pm. 10% of proceeds from food and drink purchases will go to Relay for Life.  The event features DJ Christopher Thompson and attendees will have the opportunity to sign up for relay on site.

On Tuesday, April 12th: Bank Night at Crossroads Café from 6 pm to 9 pm.  Free registration available (normally $10).  The event features a performance by the Bobolinks, free cookies,  and an espresso bar.

On Wednesday, April 11thSilent Art Auction at 51 Main  from 6 pm to 8 pm.  Features live music and art by students and local community members with all proceeds going to Relay for Life.

On Thursday, April 12thTrivia Night in McCullough from 9-11 pm will feature a cancer round of trivia in addition to free Grille food provided by MCAB.

With so many exciting events planned, this year’s Disney themed event seems destined for success.