A superficial electoral judgment of SGA Presidential Campaign Videos

I like to think Middblog empathizes with the masses. We aren’t some stodgy, mahogany tabled board of judicious, trained journalists who likely play polo on Sunday and eat M-F at the Crossroads café (The Campus = basically Versailles). We’re just ambivalent, average yet amiable coeds, and thus in a the spirit of the Midd-Plebs I watched the campaign videos for each SGA presidential candidate before  reading a single statement of intent for either platform and made critical judgements based on the films.

A Day in the Life of Charlie Arnowitz

-Boy needs to choose a different alarm. 

-That laundry bit was so smooth (despite the fact that no one does laundry 1st thing in the AM). I like the synthesis of platform points with Charlie’s daily excursions (also McCullough bit). 

-You are having trouble with that printer because it is a copy machine. 

– It was super cute when Procter friend Abigail Borah passed her knife to Charlie. In the roman era that would have been a threat, but after weird slo-mo sound effect I now understand that this is an aesthetic decision to demonstrate Charlie’s ushering in of modernity, as well as his dexterity at navigating well-loved dining hall products. 

A Day in the Life of Ryan Kim 

-Cinematically this is bomb. Wistful, cute, and riding on the always-welcome coattails of recent Oscar slamdunk The Artist.

 -The bit with former governor Jim Douglas in the ADK chairs seems to justify a vote for Ryan based on squishing something large and ambiguous into a little ball, and on three bullet points. On one hand, the strategy of simplifying complicated bureaucracy into key issues is commendable, on the other hand, this was probably a lost opportunity to reference actual platform points

– A lot of emphasis on strength Mr. Kim. You after the go/brovote? Also, I’m not really knowledgeable about basketball, but that was a foul, right?

-Leibz’ cameo was the best part of this video, but I’m pretty sure that’s dirty campaigning. Is that an implicit nomination? Was that run by the opponent? Is that necessary? Should I take Poli-sci before I graduate/write posts on campaigning? 

So were the authority cameos out of line? Did Ryan’s dreamy taste in music drive you to middfesh to find out whether he’s single? Did Charlie’s nostalgic 90s voice-over undermine his points? Did you want to cuddle him when he broke down in that delightful giggle around 1:33? Also, both videos showcase dorm rooms severely lacking in decor: is anyone else concerned with the spartan walls of Middlebury’s student body?

Now go be a conscious citizen and read their actual platforms: Ryan Kim & Charlie Arnowitz.  And go/vote.

updated 11:11PM: current SGA Prez Vin Recca, thanks for your edits. I will miss you.


2 thoughts on “A superficial electoral judgment of SGA Presidential Campaign Videos

  1. I don’t know how to say how amusing I find this blog post without sounding ironic. Just know that I wouldn’t have responded if I thought it wasn’t clever.

    In self-defense, I would disagree that President Liebowitz’s participation in my video as dirty campaigning. Though it was not run by Charlie in advance, it was all in good nature. Additionally, my opponent had full and equal opportunity to enlist the support of anyone he could, which he did (see his Ari Fleischer retweet).

    What I was saying to the ex-Governor Douglas: “On campus, there are a too many fragmented efforts towards the same end, such as for student funding, and I’d like to see all of those integrated into a single, accessible place (hence the ball). If well done, this can be a strong asset to our community. This can be simply done with the participation of three major groups, the students, administration, and LIS. Boom. Easy.”

    A link to a photo of the wall you couldn’t see, the “fourth wall” as it were: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=181961018592770&set=a.175459199242952.35024.174686812653524&type=1&theater

    And finally, please note that despite the color and fun of my campaign, I am truly serious about the issues and action:


  2. hahah Ryan, I rescind my comment about dorm decoration. Yours is great. Also, thanks for the response! I hope the humour of the post doesn’t deter people from joining in an actual discussion. your points are great and I hope we can get more people on here, or at least to talk around campus.

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