SGA Presidential Forum

Sorry for the barrage of SGA-related posts, but it is that time of the year… In any case, I attended the SGA Presidential Forum this Sunday and videotaped the majority of the debate.  If you are interested in hearing what the candidates had to say, I uploaded both candidates’ responses and rebuttals to several of the questions posed by both the moderators and audience.

Why are you running for SGA President?

How do you feel you represent the student body as a whole?

If you could only implement one initiative next year, what would it be?

Evaluate your future relationship with the administration and your ability to push back.

Ask any question of your fellow candidate- Charlie

Ask any question of your fellow candidate- Ryan

Where do you see the SGA in the next 5 years?

Also, visit both candidates pages at go/charlie (or here for his facebook page) and go/ryankim4prez to get informed and go/vote Thursday at noon.