After a year of incredibly hard work by many faculty, staff, and students (trying to bring Middlebury to the 21st century by offering the opportunity for students to take courses Pass/Fail (see previous coverage here, here, and here)) PASS FAIL HAS PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally, no amount of exclamation points could adequately express the resounding  joy upon hearing this news. Shout from the mountain-tops, frolic in fields of daisies and crack open the champagne!

While the details are still forthcoming (we’ll keep you updated), according to SGA President Vin Recca’s email, students “will be able to take up to two courses Pass/Fail starting next spring.  The program will run on a provisional basis for the next three years.”

Previous Pass/Fail measures have been voted down by the full faculty, but this time, according to Recca, “It brings me great joy and pride to inform each of you that the Pass/Fail measure voted upon at today’s faculty meeting passed with a strong majority.”

Shout-outs to the Educational Affairs Committee chaired by Provost Alison Byerly, the SGA Director of Academic Affairs and Chair of the Student Educational Affairs Committee Georgia Wright-Simmons ‘12, and the orignial sponsor of the bill,  Cook Commons Senator Michael Polebaum ’12. Remember May 15, 2012 folks, going down in Middlebury History!