Fellows in Narrative Journalism to continue making ‘How Did You Get Here?’ pieces

For the fifth consecutive year, Scholar-in-Residence Sue Halpern and Middlebury Magazine Editor Matt Jennings will choose four Middlebury students to become Fellows in Narrative Journalism. The end product of the Fellows in Narrative Journalism program is the “How Did You Get Here?” audio vignettes that appear in the bars of Middlebury’s website and on Midd Mag’s website. They are meant to take a closer look at the diversity of our community and the uniqueness of our journeys to Middlebury. Fellows also receive training in interviewing technique, recording audio, and editing with software.

The pieces from last year– made by Anthony Perez ’14, Elori Kramer ‘13.5, Alex Geller ’12, and Wyatt Orme ‘12.5–are up on the website now, be sure to check them out.

Furthermore, if you want to be a Fellow this year, be on the look out for an all-campus email early next week announcing the application for the 2012-13 school year. If you have any questions about this, contact Sue Halpern at shalpern@middlebury.edu.


2 thoughts on “Fellows in Narrative Journalism to continue making ‘How Did You Get Here?’ pieces

  1. In addition to picking four narrative fellows, we also choose four photography fellows who take the pictures, gather archival material, and produce the audio slideshows.

  2. When this project first launched, the storytelling as both internal and external marketing was unique among our peers. Long-form audio narratives produced BY STUDENTS was a fantastic idea that has now been copied by many other schools as a way to showcase the school. In many ways, the durability of the concept is proof of how good it is.

    But five years is a long time. I want to see what the new generation of students can do to innovate on this project. There are many different audiences to please. One audience is a new generation of prospective students that look to these narratives in choosing Middlebury. How do you tell a story to them?

    I would argue that both the question (How did you get here?) and the technology (long-form audio/photo mix) merit reexamination even if students end up going a similar route to years past.

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