MCAB does something fun.

There are endless punny jokes to be made here.

After the news leaked over Facebook from the band’s website, MCAB officially announced that this year’s major fall concert will feature the up-and-coming band “fun.”.  The band gained popularity last year when, among other things, their song “We Are Young” was featured in a popular Super Bowl commercial. The concert is part of a “campus consciousness” tour of college campuses to raise awareness about a number of important issues.  In particular, this tour focuses on mobilizing college students to actively support LGBTQ equality, an issue that has always been important to fun.  Ben & Jerry’s will also be on hand to give out some ice cream and promote their “Get the Dough Out of Politics” campaign. You don’t want to miss this one.

After personally seeing them perform in Burlington last spring, I can tell you that this is destined to be a fantastic concert.  I am very excited.

Tickets will become available for students on September 24th and to the general public on October 1st.


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  1. “up-and-coming”? they have a gold album and are certified 6x platinum. give yourselves some credit for booking a relevant and well-established act (finally!)

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