Midd Matchmaker: New Dating Site for Midd Kids

Dating at Middlebury is not what it could be—students have often expressed frustration with a dating scene that seems, at times, nonexistent outside of a “hook-up” culture. Word on the street, though, is that maybe something is being done to improve the dating scene at Middlebury.

That something is Midd Matchmaker, a blind-dating service that has been created by some anonymous Middlebury students who refer to themselves simply as “Midd Matchmaker.” It’s unclear how many students are behind this new website, but what is clear is their mission statement (which you can read in whole by clicking this link):

We are Midd Matchmaker. We’ve noticed (in talking to friends, peers, near strangers) that there are a lot of people on the Middlebury campus who are fed up or jaded by the dating scene here at Midd.

Why should people feel so weird about asking people out on a date? Why is there such a focus on the hookup culture as opposed to a culture of dating (casually or seriously)? Why do students often find that it is easier to date outside of campus? Is there anything we can do to fix these problems?

We here at Midd Matchmaker think so. Our premise is simple: you fill out the questionnaire posted on our website, email it to our email address at middmatchmaker@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to match you with someone that meets what you’re looking for and what they’re looking for as well. To ensure safety, we require that all participants email our account from a @middlebury.edu email account. However, this does not mean that you need to reveal your name to us and we certainly won’t be revealing your name to the person we’ve matched you with (or any third party).

We know that it’s a lot to trust us with this personal information, but we’re also frustrated with dating here at Middlebury and want to see if a service like this could work to remedy the culture. And in what better place than our small community could you try out an experiment like this? We’re real people, not some random-ass dating site that matches you on superficial levels or puts you in a database. We’ve got your best interests in mind because we’re students just like you trying to figure out new ways of approaching our dating lives.

While this certainly isn’t the first time someone’s tried to create a dating site for Middlebury (anybody remember addseven?) this seems like a legitimate, fresh approach to improving the dating scene on campus. The makers of this site seem genuine and enthusiastic and it seems pretty straight forward: fill out a questionnaire, email it to the makers of the site and get set up with someone on a blind date.

Seems like an interesting idea—what are your thoughts?