A New Art Series features Student Writers and Musicians

Update: The Suite BCG is now accepting submissions from visual artists as well. Anyone interested in displaying their art is encouraged to contact them at go/bcg

Middlebury is full of art—we have a thriving community of poets, photographers, muralists, essayists, dancers and absolutely everything in between. There is so much talent, so much brilliance here that it sometimes surprises me that we have so few venues through which students are able to see student art on display. Sure, we’ve got Poetry Slams in the Abernathy room, a MOTH storytelling hour in The Gamut Room every month, dance performances in the CFA and a small student run art gallery in McCullough, but I don’t think we’re doing enough to celebrate student art on campus. In light of Luke Whelan’s piece on reclaiming public spaces on campus, I thought I would write a piece about reclaiming student art on campus and how a group of students is working to provide a space for featuring student writers, artists and musicians.

Enter the residents of Atwater Suite BCG: Quinn Bernegger, Will Gyory, Nathan Goldstone and Daniel Lee, all students of the class of 2013. In response to what they saw as a lack of spaces through which writers and musicians on campus could perform and receive feedback from an audience of peers, these gentlemen came together to establish what they hope will be a weekly art series on Thursday nights, appropriately called “Thursday Night at the BCG”.

Each Thursday, they will invite two to three writers and one featured musician to perform at the event, located in their suite. They emphasize that this is a casual, supportive environment, intended to expose young writers and musicians to a public of students that may or may not have the opportunity to see them at any other time. Tonight marks the trial run of this experiment, featuring writers Thomas Kivney ‘13 and Anoushka Sinha ’13 with musical performances by Will Cuneo ’15, Emily Luan ’15 and Laura Heaberlin ’12.5. The event starts promptly at 9:30 PM and should run for about an hour.

For what it’s worth, I think this is a fantastic idea and hope to see many more events like this happen all across campus. It’s wonderful when the administration brings art performances to the students, but what a more sustainable and active art community we could have if students became more involved in holding arts performances of their own, performances that aren’t just executed in the Hepburn Zoo or The Gamut Room, but absolutely anywhere on campus from Atwater suites to the quad in front of McCullough.

So if all of this talk about art gets you as jazzed up as I am, check out the first BCG Art Series event this evening Thursday October 25 at 9PM and, as always, comment below with your thoughts and opinions!