Perspectives on the Presidential Elections

With the days before November 6th dwindling, Middlebury’s College Democrats and College Republican groups have been busy preparing screenings and getting the word out about Election Day. I had a chance to catch up with the leaders of both campus political groups and listen to what they had to say. Below is a synopsis of who is behind College Democrats and College Republicans, their perspectives, and what they have to say if you’re still deciding.


College Republicans (R): Sydney Fuqua ’13, political science and economics double major, Tulsa, OK

College Democrats (D): Emily Wagman ’13, political science major, Just Outside of Boston, MA.

On their Support of their Respective Candidates:

R: Fuqua and her organization believe that Governor Mitt Romney would better lead the country and push policies for our age group; of which 50% are unemployed. She believes that Governor Romney will help create jobs and improve the economy.

D: Wagman says that College Democrats is comprised of many different people who support President Barack Obama for a variety of reasons. Wagman herself supports the President’s positions on healthcare and campaign finance reform.

Core Issues:

R: At the center of College Republican’s values is fiscal conservatism. Fuqua supports good regulation that exists for a reason and does not agree with arbitrary red tape policies. While the organization houses a variety of opinions on social issues, they tend to be more environmentally conscious than the Republican Party itself.

D: The College Democrats believe that the economy is the center of this year’s presidential election. Wagman believes that the economy has improved since President Obama came into office and that it will not get better if Mitt Romney is elected.

Biggest Goals if Their Respective Candidate is Elected:

R: Fuqua envisions energy independence as the club’s primary goal if Governor Romney wins the November elections. By diversifying the energy portfolio, she believes that oil can become more affordable. Along with this, Fuqua believes in restricting the Dodd Frank Bill and dealing with the deficit.

D: Wagman says that if President Obama is reelected, the College Democrats would most like him to abide by his promises on economic and social issues.

If You’re Undecided…

R: Fuqua would tell you that we’ve had four years of President Obama’s message of hope and change, but that hasn’t gotten us far enough. She would then add that it’s time for someone else to lead the nation and decrease the 7.8% unemployment rate. Mitt Romney, in her words, would be a great person to lead the economy.

D: Emphasizing that each person’s vote matters, Wagman would say that voting for President Obama will lead to a better economy and the protection of the middle-class. Each vote will help to keep his healthcare bill in place and act on protecting the social issues relevant to college students.

Make sure you get your ballot mailed in on time! No matter what your opinions, please fulfill this important civic duty to vote!