TEDxMiddlebury uses competition to find student speaker

Video by Middlebrow improv troupe

The TEDxMiddlebury organizers are opening the the third annual conference to current students for the first time ever this year. They will do this through a speaker competition, that will be held on Thursday November 8th at 8PM in the Crossroads Cafe. Each participant will give a four minute presentation, and the winner will be a part of the lineup of the actual TEDxMiddlebury conference in the spring.

“We didn’t necessarily see it as a need, but as an opportunity to tap into the talent of students we know is there,” said TEDx lead organizer Hudson Cavanagh. “By using a competitive process know we will get someone who will represent [the] Middlebury [student body] really well.”

Furthermore, Cavanagh said, “The Moth is great but it’s not competitive. I think there is something to be said for fairly critiquing students’ presentations.”

It will also be an opportunity to provide a student with mentorship in communicating and giving presentations. The Project for Creativity and Innovation (PCI), the umbrella organization for TEDxMiddlebury, will provide the winner of the competition with resources and guidance to develop their presentation into a compelling and engaging 18 minute talk characteristic of the well-known conference.

TEDx (a locally organized version of the national conference) was first organized at Middlebury by Chloe Sasha ’11 (who went on to work for TED after graduation) two years ago. Students have continued to organize the conference ever since, and it appears as if it will become a lasting tradition here at Midd. Look here for previous MiddBlog coverage of TEDxMiddleubry.

The deadline for entering the competition is Monday November 5th at midnight if you want to get involved.