Sunday Reading: Election Time

Happy Sunday everyone! With the election coming up this Tuesday (side note: VOTE), this week’s reading is pretty politics influenced to help you get ready for when the results start rolling in.

Election 2012: Check out everything that the Washington Post is going to have going on Tuesday night to help you stay engaged and informed. Also check out their predictions from forecasters across the board and, from the NY Times, the 512 paths the candidates could take to the Oval Office.

Sandy Aftermath: Gripping photos of the havoc Hurricane Sandy caused on the East Coast last week. Also, the emerging community of Occupy Sandy.

President Obama: “Yay we get to re-elect the first black president!” doesn’t have the same ring as it did 4 years ago. See the difference in photographs from 2008 and 2012.

Political Parody: These Burlesque dancers in Dallas don’t want to be put in anyone’s binder.

Art: In tribute to the Bi Hall challenge, can we get this installed in the Great Hall?

And your video of the week: