Five Tips To Get You Through Registration

It’s that time of year again!  Yesterday morning, at 7 am, I awoke for my final Bannerweb registration at Middlebury College.  There are many things I will miss about Middlebury, but I think it is safe to say that Bannerweb is not one of them.  As a parting gift, I bring you five tips to help you get through registration.

Even just looking at this makes me a little annoyed.

1. Bannerweb is not the end of registration.  Most professors understand that registration is frustrating and difficult and not always perfect. Aside from the extremely popular classes, you can expect a degree of movement from people testing out classes and dropping and adding as they go.  If you feel passionately about a class and didn’t get in on registration day, email the professor, show up on the first day, make a good case for why you want to be in the class and you’ve got a good shot.

2. Practice.  Bannerweb is all about who can type faster.  Be prepared.  Figure out your schedule and learn your CRN codes.  Keep them in an excel spreadsheet for registration day, that way you can copy-paste like the champion that you are. If there’s a class you want to get into that is particularly crowded, you can put that one in first on its own, but that’s always risky.

3. Check your holds. If you have outstanding fines, tuition payments, or a variety of other holds, you may be prevented from registering.  You can check your holds at Student Records & Registration -> Student Records -> View Holds on Bannerweb

4. Use Ethernet.  I honestly have no idea if this helps, but getting on the strongest internet connection can never hurt.  Better safe than sorry.

5. Remember that Bannerweb will always crash.  Always.  It has never not crashed.  It doesn’t know any better.  So when you hear the collective groan on your hall, the clicks as people refresh again and again, know that this is how it always is and always will be.  Breathe and be ready when it finally comes online.  (One time it was literally half an hour.) Patience.

6. BONUS.  Navigate your way through Bannerweb beforehand.  You can get pretty far into the website before 7 am until the site stops you.  When the clock turns to 7:00, you’ll be set up and ready to go.


3 thoughts on “Five Tips To Get You Through Registration

  1. I also like to change the clock on my computer to show the seconds, that way I know exactly when it turns to 7:00 am. (There’s also the strategy of waiting till like 7:01 or 7:02 am so you get in after the first crash, but I never know if that actually works). Also, a note for students abroad – I’ve heard that the Registrar’s Office will register for you if you email them ahead of time saying that you won’t have access to the internet at the time of registration. But if not, just be happy that (most likely) wherever you are, it’s not 7 in the morning.

    Yay for being done with Bannerweb registration forever!

  2. I write down all of my CRN’s in a word document and practice typing them until I have them all memorized. You can tab through the small white boxes in bannerweb, so it makes the process very speedy.

    I’ve always gotten all of the classes I’ve wanted and finished before the system crashed!

  3. For popular courses, it can also be beneficial to contact a professor BEFORE registration happens. If you are not able to register for that class, often your early contact will put you at the head of the waiting list (assuming no one contacted them earlier than you).

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