Where have all the dishes gone, long time passing?

Parodying the projects done by the annual Middlebury Fellows in Narrative Journalism, the “Middlebury Alternative Fellows for Alternate Narrative Journalists”, SNG, and the SGA Environmental Affairs Committee explore just where have all the dishes gone?


5 thoughts on “Where have all the dishes gone, long time passing?

  1. This is wonderful!

    Can I get the original pictures so that we can put up a story board in the dining rooms????

    Matthew Biette
    Director of Dining Services
    Middlebury College
    Middlebury, VT 05753

  2. With all due respect to Mr. Biette, is this supposed to be funny? Is this really the state of Middlebury activist creativity: an amateurish YouTube video with an unoriginal and heavy handed message? Is this intended to actually inform anyone of the negative impacts of taking dishes out of the dining halls, or is it just supposed to give the filmmakers a masturbatory, self-righteous way to make themselves feel like they’re better than the other, “un-enlightened” Middlebury students?

    I applaud the filmmakers for recognizing an important fiscal issue on our campus, but I’d prefer we not celebrate mediocrity at Middlebury.

    Step your game up, Munford.

  3. Class of ’10 — Middlebury owed you? Are you kidding?

    and Anonymous — If you wanna talk about masturbatory, self-righteous ways to make one’s self feel like they’re better than other people just take a look at your anonymous, spineless comment.

    I think this is a great project and could start some solid conversations about an issue (though small) on campus.

    Let’s return those dishes to the dining hall (I’m looking at you Ball mason jars)!

    • hi Cody.

      you’re right – I was in a bad mood and left a stupid comment. I may not love the video, but those who made the video deserve a ton of credit for doing something to raise awareness. I, of course, have done nothing.

      you’re right, and I’m wrong and sorry – congrats on winning an Internet argument 😉

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