Sunday Reading: (sort of) Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Sunday! Hopefully everyone is looking forward to a nice, upcoming Thanksgiving break! But just in case you have a stressful two days until you get to go home and stuff your face with non-Proctor food (I’m lookin’ at you 10 page research paper), here are some links to get you through.

Science: Calling all joint Neuroscience and Music majors. Check out this awesome study of the minds of freestyle rappers in action.

Art: Because who doesn’t love great vintage photos of New York City in the ’30s?

Books: Vending machines; no longer for greasy snack foods at creepy, run-down motels.

Marijuana: A how-to guide for legally smoking weed in Washington state.

Fashion: A Chinese clothing label designs clothes with Instagramming, Facebooking, and tweeting all in mind.

Quiet Time: Great NY Times op-ed on today’s not so quiet society.

PARTY: The Onion spends a weekend at Middlebury chronicling our crazy, fall party scene. (Not really, but it’s pretty accurate).

And your video of the week, in case you haven’t been exposed yet: