Sunday Reading: Post-Break Edition

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all have enjoyed a great break full of relaxation and lots of turkey (or tofurky if that’s your thing). Safe travels back to Midd and just think, we’re in the homestretch of the semester!

Thanksgiving: Always double-check your confetti. Major oops at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade when confetti made of still-readable confidential police documents rained down on 6th Ave.

Holiday Shopping: Struggling with what to tell your family to get you for the holidays? Finally there’s the perfect gift list for twenty-somethings.

Affirmative Action: In preparation for this week’s panel discussion on Affirmative Action, check out this article on how Asian-American students stand on the debate.

Chores: Don’t have enough time to clean your dorm room during finals week? No problem. MiddTask will do it for you.

Modeling: Challenging the norm in the world of fashion, women are finding success as male models and a 72-year old grandfather is a hit modeling the clothes of teenage girls. 

Shakespeare: Check it out English majors. The greatest work of English literature, Hamlet, is now available in the greatest form of literature: a chooseable-path adventure!

Education: As Middlebury begins to explore the realms of online education, check out this article in the NY Times on crowd-sourcing education.

And for your video of the week, a fast food meal that has no artificial coloring, no preservatives, and only 96 calories!