Sunday Reading: The Home Stretch

With only one week of classes left, it’s crunch time here at Midd. It seems even the weather took notice of the dreary mood on campus and decided to melt all of our snow. Hopefully we’ll get some back before break, but if not, here are some links to cheer you up (or at least distract you from those final papers).

Compliments: A social project that began at Queen’s University, Middlebury has started up its own Midd Compliments facebook page. Simply message the page with a compliment for someone and they will anonymously post it for all to see! (Side note: I’m confused as to why their sex is listed as male…)

Economics: Take a look at this awesome infographic to see just how the state of Vermont is spending its $407 million in incentive programs each year.

Food: Just in time for finals, 34 simple recipes that only require two ingredients. I can’t wait to try #17, 19, 21, 22, okay all of them…

Planes: Watch five hours of plane landings at San Diego International Airport in 30 seconds.

SJP: Too funny or too mean? Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like a Horse.

Joe Biden: The existential question: Does anybody have more fun than our vice president?

Music: Check out the first music video ever produced using just Instagram. I’m thinking this would make a good Hunt challenge.

Charities: Africans are uniting to save Norwegians from dying of frostbite. Check out Radi-Aid to find out more!

And your video for the week (I’m really hoping this catches on with Middlebury professors):