Tara Affolter to Give Talk for Ed Studies Tenure-Track Position

Professor Tara Affolter

Professor Tara Affolter

Update 12/9: 

Professor Affolter delivered her talk this past Thursday to a packed crowd in Twilight Auditorium. Energetic and emotional at times, Professor Affolter delivered the results of her study that focused on student experiences with race in the liberal arts classrooms. Using quotes from study subjects, she demonstrated that race places a large role in how students learn, especially at small predominantly white liberal arts colleges. The talk was received with a standing ovation.

Original Post:

On Thursday, December 6 Professor Tara Affolter will be giving her Education Studies Candidate Lecture for a Tenure-Track position. The talk is titled “Tell Them You Saw Me: Invisibility, Race, and Racism in the Liberal Arts Classroom” and focuses on the findings of her research on race in the classroom at Middlebury  from various residential liberal arts colleges. In the study Affolter uses the acronym ACLACC (American Elite Liberal Arts
Colleges Consortium) to refer collectively to these colleges. No college is
named in the study due to confidentiality and due to the request of various
participants in the study. The talk serves as one component of Affolter’s review as she is considered for a tenure-track position in the Education Studies department.

Affolter, currently a visiting assistant professor of Ed Studies, has been in the public eye in the past at Middlebury. In 2010, students petitioned to renew her visiting position for another two years. More recently, Affolter served as a faculty supporter in the trial of the Dalai Lama Welcoming Committee and was a vocal participant at last week’s panel discussion on affirmative action.

The talk is sure to bring out many student supporters of the enormously popular professor as well as provide another forum to continue the discussion of race and diversity on our Middlebury campus.

The lecture will be held on Thursday, December 6th at 4:30 pm in Twilight Auditorium 101. MiddBlog will recap the event with an update on this post.