Sunday Reading: Finals Edition

Procrastination when you (don’t) need it the most, this week’s Sunday Reading is all about helping you get through finals week. So take a brain break for a minute and check out some of these great articles and videos. And remember, you can do it! Best of luck on exams and safe travels for winter break!

Sexism Part 1: A German mayor has approved “easier” parking spaces designated specifically for women. Everything I’ve ever learned in education classes at Midd makes me want to scream that making parking spaces larger and well-lit would benefit everyone, not just women…

Sexism Part 2: A petition to get Hasbro to feature boys in the packaging of Easy-Bake Ovens.

Marketing: The worst marketing campaigns ever. #fail

Sports Fans: 

Bill Nye: Everyone’s favorite science guy discussing his energy-efficient home. (Also side note, were routing for him to be the 2013 commencement speaker…)

American Girl Dolls: American Girl dolls are for everyone! (You know, as long as you can afford the $105 price tag…)

Hypothetical Questions: How many 5-year olds could you take on at once?

Photography: We live in a stunning world. 2012 in photos.

Productivity: A little bit of help and hope in this finals period: 7 productivity myths debunked.

And the soundtrack to get you through those final papers: