Electronic Music Class Airs Final Work on WRMC


Updated 12/12/12: Here is a recording of yesterday’s WRMC broadcast with commentary by Professor Peter Hamlin, Alan Sanders ‘13.5 and Martin Sweeney ’13.

Original: The Electronic Music class (MUSC 212) will be broadcasting their final projects on WRMC 91.1FM this afternoon (Tuesday, December 11) at 4PM, be sure to tune in (you can stream it on the WRMC website if you don’t have a radio).  Read what the class has to say after the jump:

Moving beyond the tropes of modern electronic production–dubstep and euro-pop–the pieces will range greatly in both style and form, from ambient and avant garde to maximal trance.  The broadcast marks the end of a semester spent working with Ableton Live.  DJs will discuss the pieces being played, giving information about their composers and the recording processes used.  Peter Hamlin, chair of the music department, will be present to give insights into the class and electronic music as an art form.  The music’s futuristic tones should provide an excellent backing track to your finals week.


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