This One is for the Junior Returns

work.303568.7.flat,550x550,075,f.middlebury-college-chapel-middlebury-vtWho are all these people? I don’t recognize anyone! Have I said hi to you yet? Where is that kid from my commons I’ve lived with for the past two years? Sure it’s all a little overwhelming, but being back on campus is truly great: chatting with friends, indulging in an extra slice or two of Ross pizza (free food!), and being able to catch a Midd Ride from one party to the next. And now that I’m 21, the anticipation of going to Two Bros on Thursday night is killing me! I bet it is going to be like that pub I went  to in London that weekend!

Hugs are being given out, stories are being swapped (you mean you actually swam in the Trevi fountain?!), and everyone is in a J-term state of mind. The rest of you are probably wondering “who are all these Juniors?,” but we’re asking the same thing about you Freshman.

Returning home to Middlebury can be a difficult time. We’ve been off travelling the word, experiencing different cultures, challenging our beliefs, and acquiring new knowledge- things you can’t learn in a Vermont classroom.

I’m thankful for J-term, because frankly, I’m not quite ready to jump back into a full schedule. What do you mean I have readings? I hope people aren’t sick of my Eurail stories yet! Pictures of the Eiffel Tower and the London Bridge are hung in my room as I try to hold onto those memories of last semester that are becoming closer and closer to a dream. Soon I will be trading in my European couture for my bean boots and flannel.

So now it’s time for skiing at the Snowbowl, going to the Grille, attending Basketball games, and late night dancing at ADP. It’s time for cupcake workshops (actually a thing!), Atwater parties, chicken parm night, and people watching in Proctor. It’s time to get ready for another great semester!