Sunday Reading: Here’s to the J

The first Sunday Reading of 2013 is here! Here’s to a successful first week of J-Term. May you have another wonderful week full of playing and yaying!

Toy Story: This could have been a good J-Term class. All of “Toy Story” recreated from real toys.

Lindsay Lohan: What it’s like to work with Lindsay Lohan.

Kate Middleton: Everyone has something to say about the Duchess of Cambridge’s new royal portrait.

Dating: An interactive map of the distribution of male/female singles across the US. Seniors, plan your post-grad moves accordingly.

Inauguration: This Sunday was dress rehearsal day for the 57th Presidential Inauguration. Complete with First Family stand-ins.

The Golden Globes: Normally the awards show that no one watches, this year’s is sure to be a hit with hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. The duo has even come up with a drinking game for the occasion. (Hey – we’re not suggesting it; they are…) Also check out this slideshow of all the nominees.

Igloos: If some of the snow decides to stick around, try your hand at building a rainbow igloo!

And your video of the week: