Sunday Reading: The Halfway Point

With J-Term halfway over, take a moment to check out this week’s selection of links on everything from beer to language to politics. And since I can, GO RAVENS!

Travel: Need some inspiration for a spring break trip? Consider one of these 24 incredible, and real places.

Sports: See how technology could change how we watch and play sports.

Beer: The 20 most influential beers of all time. Surprisingly, Natty Light does not make the cut.

Holidays: Hanukkah and Thanksgiving overlap this year. This won’t happen again till the year 79,811.

Architecture: Try sending this document to your nearest printing station. Dutch architects are planning to build a house using a 3D printer.

President Obama: Check out Barack’s ancestry online as well as many other US and European political figures. You never know, you might be related.

Inauguration: In honor of the 57th inauguration, check out the details of every inauguration from Washington to Obama.

Language: And you thought we were done with top 10 lists after New Years. Here are the top ten words you should start using in 2013.

And your video of the week: