Super Bowl Sunday Reading

Looking to kill time till 6:30 tonight? Check out our selection of the best links for this week. PS: Sorry for the lack of Sunday Reading last week – hope this makes up for it. PPS: GO RAVENS!

Super Bowl: Finally the most accurate fan map ever, thanks to data from Facebook. Shout out to the random counties in North Carolina who are Ravens fans.

Photography: Take a look at this photographer’s work who finds strangers with no relation to one another who look like twins. Also, beautifully mashed up photos of the past and present in the city of Detroit.

Vermont: This just in, Governor Shumlin hates Vermont beer. Also, Midd Grad and singer/songwriter Anaïs Mitchell is collaborating with artist Jefferson Hamer to release an album of Celtic and British ballads that the folklorist Francis James Child compiled in the late nineteenth century.

Inauguration: Reasons why Sasha and Malia rock (as if you didn’t know that already).

Yogurt: New York is the Silicon Valley of yogurt. Who knew?

Hillary Clinton: The girl sure gets around. A photo of our former Secretary of State in every country she’s visited. (Personal favorites include #21 cause girlfriend can work the power orange, and #8 just because it couldn’t not be.)

Architecture: Sleeping with the fishes. An underwater hotel.

Weird: This man has operated the Wolfspark Werner Freund wolf sanctuary for over the last 40 years in western Germany. Let’s just hope he doesn’t go the way of Timothy Treadwell

And your video of the week: The Perennial Plate’s visually stunning film titled A Day in India.