Sunday Reading: Spring Semester Edition

Welcome back MiddKids! We hope you had a fantastic Feb Break and are ready to tackle the spring semester! Here are some of the best articles/pics/vids/etc. that you missed while off skiing, tanning, working on your thesis (me) this past week.

Storytelling: In the wake of Bianca Giaever’s hit vid “the Scared is Scared”, check out another awesome form of digital storytelling; “The Hobo Lobo of Hamelin” is like a digital pop-up book for adults.

Amherst: After reports of sexual violence and rape on the Amherst College campus this fall, the school has released a 55-page sexual misconduct (SMOC) report. Spoilers: not once does it mention the words sexism, masculinity, or patriarchy. #ItHappensHere

Photography: High above an eagle’s eye: the best satellite images of 2012. Also, the shortlist of the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards.

Post-Grad: The scarily accurate post-grad, hipster guide to inhabitable US cities. Also, do we feel more stress than older generations?

Gilmore Girls: The question I know you’ve all been wondering (oh, just me?): Where are they now?

Cute: Meet the Quokka, the happiest animal around.

Just plain strange: Type one of these search inquiries into Google and all you get in the results is porn; weird.

And your video of the week: Windless Kite Flying (come on Midd, I’m sure someone could start this club).