Sunday Reading: Winter Carnival Edition

Hey everyone, hope Winter Carnival treated you well.  It’s back to the real world here in Middlebury and that means more procrastination, does it not?  Our regular Sunday Writer contributor is swimming her last swim meet ever at NESCAC Championships, so I’m filling in, hope you don’t mind.  And with that intro, here is our weekly round-up of stories and interesting things I found on the internet:

SLAVERY: Remember that great movie you saw over break, Lincoln?  One viewer saw the movie and realized Mississippi had never officially ratified the 13th amendment, banning slavery.  One legislator said on the subject, “it was long overdue.”

CANADA: In what some are calling the most Canadian burglary ever, a thief came into a couple’s home, robbed them of a digital camera and xbox console, and then promptly returned it all the next day, with an apology note and $50 to repair a broken screen.

STUFF FROM SPACE: By now I’m sure we’ve all seen the insane videos of the meteor streaking across the sky in Russia on Friday.  But where did all those videos come from?  From this beautiful New Yorker piece: “Every time a meteor comes close to the earth, we all think about the end of the world… but we’re also thinking about pizza, or passing a slow tractor, or making a turn, and for a magical instant our lives seem to be in conversation with the stars.”

TELEVISION: Coach Taylor of FNL fame (otherwise known as Kyle Chandler) is set to play a progressive-minded Archbishop of New York in a new Showtime series called The Vatican.  Say no more Internet, say no more.

ONLINE FRIENDSHIPS: From the day I started using the Internet, I’ve been told “people on the internet are weird, don’t talk to them, they are probably stalkers.”  This elegant essay describes the potential of online relationships and what is being lost with the rise of Facebook and platforms that populate the online world with people you actually know.

And your video of the week: (listen without watching the video for a minute and prepare to be impressed)