The Lowdown on LoFo

lofo paintingThose upperclassmen on campus probably remember the Lower Forest Basement, or LoFo, in its glory days. That beloved, grungy space on campus where you danced at least once a year (probably with paint flying in every direction for J’ouvert) as the colored graffiti on the walls seemed to dance with you. But after we all returned to campus in the fall of 2011, we were saddened and surprised to see the beloved space turned into a modern, yet sterile and boring dorm lounge. So Chris Batson ’13 decided to do something about it.

Batson writes to MiddBlog in an email:

“The project came out of dialogue with Dean Katy Smith-Abbot. Following the alcohol forums, etc. my sophomore year I tried to think of solutions and explanations for the aggressive drinking behavior and simultaneous “unhappiness” of many students with respect to social events on the weekends. I promoted the idea of “black box” spaces–common spaces that would be transfered into dance hall-like spaces, where all the walls would be painted black, there’d be strobe lights, black lights and a sweet sound system. Katy has been working on getting A/V equipment for a number of spaces around campus (one of them is LoFo). I wanted the spaces to be always at the ready so that once your dorm-room party was over-flowing, you could all go downstairs and make your own party, rather than wander between Ridgeline and Atwater.”

It is his hope that a good portion of the painting will be done before spring break so programming and entertainment can return to the space in time for the end of this spring semester. So stop by LoFo this Sunday from 6-9 to grab a brush and help out!