Sunday Reading: Post-Chili Hangover

Happy Sunday Midd! Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend of beautiful weather, TEDx talks, time changes, and lots and lots of chili. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat anymore chili for a long time (just kidding, I love chili and would do it again in a heart[burn] beat). Check out these links as you get back into the swing of work and midterms and thesis drafts…

TEDx Middlebury: Shameless plug…take a look at our coverage of yesterday’s awesome TEDx event and respond with some of your reflections and comments on the day!

Books: Enjoy reading on the metro? Pretty soon you’ll have even more options when the Subway Library pulls into the station.

Environmental Art: Is studio art a concentration of the ES department? Cause someone could totally install this in Hillcrest.

Facebook: Would you let a total stranger draw your profile picture? These people did and here are the results.

Photography: In Benjamin Button-like fashion, this Parisian artist makes portraits of what one would look like as a child and an adult, simultaneously.

Food: How America spends money on food.

Texas: The shape of the state of Texas accounts for nearly 25% of all state-shaped logos.

Where are they now?: The actor who played Kevin G. in Mean Girls is now a calligraphy and lettering wiz.

And your video of the week. – Eight Pianists, Two Pianos: