Community Council Meeting on Delta House

UPDATE 3/12:

Read the report released by Community Council Res Life Committee here: Social House Review 2013.  Some highlights:

  • ADP’s dorm damage was $8,511 last year and $2,592 already this year.
  • Registered parties can go until 3 am?
  • 400-600 people fit in ADP for a party in J-term.
  • The Mill has 85 members and only 9 beds in the house.


This afternoon, the Community Council set out to determine the fate of Delta House (ADP). Delta is one of the 5 social houses at Middlebury, which act as a rough alternative to Greek Life here on campus. After a warning last year due to excessive dorm damage and a social house review process this year, the house was in jeopardy of being disbanded.

After the presentation of the Residential Life Committee Report, the Council considered the fate of Delta house, the one house recommended by the committee to not be continued.  The major concerns of the Community Council were the lack of member participation in hazing prevention training, the failure to register parties, and the amount of damage done.  All social houses are allowed up to $2,500 of dorm damage each year, but after ADP exceeded that limit by over $5000 last year, Community Council put them on probation with a $1,500 damage limit, under threat of disbandment.

ADP was represented by Dan Lungo (former President), Emma Kramer (3 year member) and Jake Vacovec (next year’s president).

Most of the members of Delta are varsity athletes, who automatically undergo 3 hours of intense hazing training each season.  Because of this, the members of Delta argued that the claims they had not undergone the proper hazing training were not sufficient to recommend disbandment.  This point was recognized by Sue Ritter, Middlebury’s Human Relation’s officer, who commented that while the format of the trainings is different, the content is essentially the same. In a poll taken by the members of the Delta house, all but one member believed that they had completed formal hazing training, which is more than the required 80% of house members.

Another point of the Council was the failure of ADP to register parties.  The council commended Delta for registering parties for the past two weekends, but questioned why they had not registered anything all of Fall semester. Delta’s response centered around a party they threw in the Fall of 2011, where there was a rather large charge for a party that shocked the board of Delta. In response, they started throwing unregistered parties where they would not serve alcohol. While the solution worked in the Spring of 2012, it was not as successful this Fall. The house members recognized, though, that even if Delta didn’t provide the alcohol at these parties, it didn’t mean that alcohol wouldn’t find a way in under people’s coats or in bags.

The final concern of the council was the dorm damage that the house racks up each year. The fees incurred by the house are from a combination of the hours spent by the cleaning staff picking up from various weekend events and repairs done to the house. The house members responded that they do their best to clean their house despite not having access to the supplies in the janitor closet. Lungo also raised the point that they had been charged for the dismantle of stars put up on the Delta ceiling from 3 years ago, and that they never knew the stars weren’t allowed to be up there.

A number of students supporting Delta were present at the meeting and presented alumni emails and a petition with around 750 signatures to save the house. If they have a chance to move forward, the House representatives say they will work hard to improve their image. Next year’s President, Jake Vacovec, commented: “We recognize their concerns and will make an effort to amend these in the future. We hope that a resolution can be made that will satisfy both the Council and Delta.”

While all other houses were voted to stay on for another two years, the vote for Delta was tabled until next week to allow for more time for discussion.  Only a simply majority is required for the vote to pass, after which point we will get comments back from the Council.


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    • the mill has the highest membership to bed ratio, making it extremely easy for them to fill their house. the report recommends that the other social houses attempt to develop ratios similar to the Mill’s so that they can more easily fill their houses each semester

    • Considering that you obviously have not seen Animal House, I would say that you are the joke.

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