Sparkling Champagne Bar To Be Replaced With Starbucks

Got ya! This was a post written for April Fools Day 2013 and is completely fictional. 

In an update on her website, owner Nancy Weber-Curth announced yesterday that the Sparkling Champagne and Wine Bar, located next to Sama’s in downtown Middlebury will be going out of business this summer.

“I am sorry to announce that this summer, Sparkling Champagne and Wine Bar will be going out of business. Unfortunately, there has not been sufficient patronage or enthusiasm from the community to financially support the bar and the rising costs of shipping such unique wines from across the globe. It has been a pleasure serving the town of Middlebury for the past year, sharing my passion for champagne and sparkling wines with so many people.”

Coming Soon?

The post continues on to say that tentative plans have been made to fill the space with a Starbucks. Weber-Curth says that while community support for a chain coffee store has been lacking in the past, she believes the college community would embrace another cozy study space off campus. She wrote to MiddBlog in an email saying, “As sad as I am to see my business go, I can realistically appreciate that the space will be better served by a well-loved coffee chain that many students would frequent. I think a Starbucks would lure many students off-campus more often and potentially help the other businesses in downtown Middlebury.”

More details of the business plans are set to emerge later in the spring. MiddBlog will be keeping a close eye on the changeover to let you know exactly when you’ll be able to enjoy your Grande Non-Fat Mocha Frappuccino.


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