Sunday Reading: Are you there Spring? It’s us MiddBlog.

With temperatures predicted to be in the mid 50s this week, it’s finally starting to look like spring around here in Middlebury. So  keep calm Middm and check out these links to get you to some warmer days!

Snapchat: How Vine and Snapchat have used the most basic aspect of smartphone technology to become the most popular media-sharing apps of this year.

Facebook stalking: We all do it. Now thanks to this study that measured how people interact with their exes on Facebook, you’ll know you’re not alone.

Art?: Maybe former president George W. Bush will have a higher approval rating as an artist?

Liberal Arts Schools: Smith College rejects a trans woman due to crappy bureaucracy. Poor form.

Swimming Pools vs. Guns: Which are more dangerous for our children?

The Vatican: Catholic Popes, big pimpin’.

Theatre: David Tennant fulfills pianist’s dying wish by using his skull on stage in a performance of Hamlet.

Uplifting: A blind boy’s first step off a curb goes viral.

Internet: Ever get lost in the endless maze that is the world wide web? (I once spent over an hour trapped on wikipedia…) Then you might not want to explore the subject of this article.

And your video of the week: Introducing “Romance Pants”