Sunday Reading: V is for Victory

Shameless self-promotion: A huge congrats to the Middlebury Women’s Water Polo team for beating Dartmouth 5-3 this afternoon and winning the New England Division title! They’re now on to Nationals in Minnesota! Great job girls!

Now back to your regularly scheduled Sunday links…

Television: I don’t usually post Buzzfeed articles here (because I assume everyone has already seen them, I mean how else does one procrastinate?) but this one was just too good to pass up: The 18 Best Quotes from Parks and Rec’s Ron Swanson.

Geography: Watch this super awesome hyperlapse of Google Street View images and create your own!

Admissions: Hey white girls, just no. Kendra James does an awesome job breaking down the recent (and ridiculous) trend of white girls, like Suzy Lee Weiss, blaming minorities for not getting into their top choice school.

Parenting: Children are so sensitive. Here’s a tumblr documenting all the reasons they cry.

#Seniorthesisproblems: Do you think students have sex in the thesis carrels at Midd? Cause apparently it’s the craze at Wesleyan.

Music: April is Public Radio Music Month. Check out the top 10 (awesome) songs from stations across the country. While you’re at it, show the WRMC site some love!

Vine: Like Vine? Start discovering new ones on Vinepeek.

Kitsch: You can buy a tea infuser shaped like the Titanic. Too soon or boatloads of fun?

And your video of the week: