MiddBlog endorses Rachel Liddell ’15 for SGA President

Rachel Liddell '15

Rachel Liddell ’14

This is a joint post written by Audrey Tolbert ’13 and Olivia Noble ’13, co-lead editors of MiddBlog.

The Middlebury Student Government is probably the most widely known and least appreciated organization on this campus. In the past, nearly every student on campus has known the president’s name, but not many have known what they did on a daily basis, nor did students actively engage with the SGA on issues they cared about. This year has shown a marked improvement on that front, with increasing levels of engagement from students – from the 75+ crowd at the presidential debate last night to the 300+ users on the SGA’s new “We the Middkids” website. All of this reminds us that the SGA President is not just the guy who got us break buses, or who instituted pass/fail – a president represents the student body in every regard.

As we look to the trio of candidates before us for the 2013-2014 school year, each has their strengths and weaknesses. Through their letters of intent, websites, and the debate last night, Middblog has seen that each candidate is extremely passionate and has a variety of good ideas for where this campus should be going. But ultimately, good ideas will only get a president so far. A candidate must have the force of personality and the tenacity to see these good ideas through. SGA President candidates year after year have a lot of campaign promises, a lot of wishful thinking, and a lot of good ideas. However, only rarely do candidates present themselves with the force of personality and will to make these good ideas a reality.

With that in mind, MiddBlog has decided to endorse Senator Rachel Liddell (’15) for the position of SGA President. Liddell is well-spoken, articulate, and incredibly driven. We strongly believe that she is the candidate for the job and would best represent the student body to the administration. A president’s greatest responsibility is to represent the student body and be a good negotiator for student issues. Liddell is smart and willing to hold her ground on issues that matter to the student body like divestment and local food. Her platform differs from the others in her willingness to tackle complicated administrative issues like credit for internships, sexual assault awareness, and the honor code to name a few. Her platform is ambitious, but we believe that Rachel has the drive and enthusiasm to get it done.

Both Naylor and Labarba have interesting ideas and are strong candidates, yet it is our belief that Liddell has the greatest potential to make any and all of those a reality. Let us know what you think of Liddell, Naylor, and Labarba in the comments below and don’t forget to vote on May 1st!


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