Hey, what happened to MiddBlog?

I got an email from a friend titled: “Confused.” It read: “Why did MiddBlog die? Hipsters?”

Ha. Not at all. There comes a time when things naturally end. Quite simply, there weren’t students to continue the blog this fall. A fade-to-black it is then.

Or maybe not. I’m wondering if there might be room for this space to be something else for Middlebury. I like thinking about the idea of how Middlebury’s largest contingent is not on campus. If there’s anything I’ve learned since graduation, it’s that alumni span the globe and do amazing things. And it’s quite a family of relatives you knew you had, but have never met.

These lost Midd relatives are not just for career advice or to find a social circle when you move to a new city. Some of the young-ish alumni recently lost a Middlebury great – Donovan Dickson ’11. And alumni spanning seven years or more came out of the woodwork to grieve and support one another. The tragedy aside, there was a moment where you could feel a living and breathing community come together in text messages, emails, calls, FB posts. Powerful stuff.

It makes me think I should open this space to alumni to share, convene, and sometimes even grieve. But I don’t want to force it. I won’t write frequently, but if you have something to say, you should drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Hey, what happened to MiddBlog?

  1. I guess I’d just assumed Middbeat was the new face of Middblog. So, uh, hipsters? If there were enough of a contingent of alums who wanted to make this a thing I’d be up for contributing something now and then. I still have posting access from when I was writing show reviews a year ago.

    • Great to hear from you, Emily. I’d definitely welcome contributions. Drop me a line, if you ever feel compelled to write on Midd/post-grad life/higher ed/etc.

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