MiddBlog is an alternative news and events blog for Middlebury College students.

Communication: Direct all communications to tips@midd-blog.com

Social Media: @middblog for Twitter or become our Facebook fan!

Disclaimer: MiddBlog is run/penned by students and is not officially affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by Middlebury College (www.middlebury.edu) in any way. Posts are the personal opinion of our writers only and are not official statements of the College. Please direct any inquiries about this site to: tips@midd-blog.com.

Funding: MiddBlog is funded independently of Middlebury College and Middlebury’s Student Government Association, accepting no Student Activities Fee money. All costs associated with MiddBlog are paid for by donations from readers directly or out of the editors’ own pockets. We do accept donations that help support what we do and help cover costs like maintenance, upgrades, and marketing.

Submissions: MiddBlog reserves the right to edit any and all submissions for any reason. We will provide titles for your submissions. Our only hard and fast rule about submissions is that it must be relevant to the Middlebury College community. We do our best to post submissions in a timely fashion, but we do not guarantee submissions will be posted as you expect or at all. Submissions must be emailed to us in text or HTML format (preferably with helpful links and relevant images strongly suggested). Do not email us PDFs or Word documents. Announcements will be posted a maximum of one time and should be limited to 150 words or less. Event/audition announcements should preferably have an attached Facebook event or link before submitting to MiddBlog.

Advertising:  We want MiddBlog to be free from distracting advertisements — please do not ask us to advertise using traditional text or graphic ads. See our section below on reviews/promotion if you feel our readers might benefit from hearing about your product. If you do see ads on our site, they are from wordpress.com, our hosting provider not MiddBlog. The company occasionally runs ads to keep the cost of providing online services down.

Special Events: MiddBlog sometimes hosts webpages for special events on campus. Why start your own blog for a one-time event when MiddBlog already has a wide readership? MiddBlog can help your student organization or project design an informational webpage that will be prominantly displayed on the homepage for the duration of your event. After the event, your page will continue to be available in MiddBlog’s page archives.

Reviews/Promotions: MiddBlog accepts promotional and review offers from companies looking to reach out to a collegiate audience. If you are promoting a product and would like for MiddBlog to review your product, please email a description to the above email address. Similarly, if you would like for MiddBlog to giveaway promotional items on the blog via contest, please email a description to the above email address. If your review/promotion is deemed suitable to the Middlebury community, you will be given an address location to ship your materials for review.

Header Images:

Fall 2011: The current header image is a linoleum print made by Anna Ready-Campbell ‘13.5.

Spring 2011: We figured it was about time to change things up. Following the 2011 Spring Student Research Symposium, we began rotating through images cropped from photos our contributors had taken.

Winter 2009: We’re back to this header image from bgblogging‘s collection. It is used under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike license. The image now also serves as MiddBlog’s favicon — that little image that appears at the top of the window.

Winter 2008: This header image is from a Vermonter and was taken back in 2005.

Fall 2008: This header image is the second image chosen from bgblogging‘s collection and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike license.

Spring, Summer 2008: The header image “Love in the Landscape,” was taken by Sarah Montgomery of Sarah Montgomery Design. It was used with written permission from the photographer.

Fall 2007: The beautiful header image was taken by bgblogging and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike license.

December 2007 – February 2008: The header image was taken by SarahFrancoinVT and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike license.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m delighted to see my image here as your banner, and equally pleased to see that after years of blogging with my students (since 2001), Midd Blog is a reality. I’ll read along with interest!

    Welcome to the Edublogosphere!


  2. Ian McEwan Reading « MiddBlog

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