Archived Writers


Ryan Kellett ‘09.5 founded MiddBlog in 2006, posting for a whole year without anyone noticing except his online friends, Ronnie and Timmy. He spent eight months in the Middle Kingdom where he battled the great firewall of China. Ryan was the lead editor of MiddBlog for 2006-2007 and 2008-2009. He also posts at, twitters at @rkellett. (posts)

Former Lead Editors:

Sarah McGowen ’08 solo-authored MiddBlog in the 2007-2008 school year. She returned as a MiddBlog community writer for 2008-2009 and news editor based in Addison County. She has several Middlebury email addresses and you can find her non-online personality at Carol’s Hungry Mind. She also writes advice columns for Hundreds of Heads and now posts on her own at the Sarah Show. (posts)

Emily Gullickson ’10 is from Sioux Falls, SD and was the lead editor of MiddBlog in 2009-2010. She covered the Democratic National Convention 2008 for MiddBlog and the MiddDems. She as an International Studies Major, blogs at, and twitters at @liberalwill. Word has it she supports Obama, but we’re not sure. (posts)

Casey Mahoney ’11, a desert-ite from the Arizona ‘burbs turned Russian major, decided that writing for MiddBlog would only make sense while living out of the country. So, he packed his bags to leave the middle-of-nowhereness of the Green Mountain State for a year in Irkutsk in East Siberia. In addition to looking for relevant subject matter to contribute to MiddBlog, he’ll be blogging about his time abroad and twittering at @caseymahoney. Casey was lead editor in Fall of 2010.( posts )

George Altshuler ’10.5 is a proud member of the Vermont Ukulele Society and was lead editor of MiddBlog in Fall 2010. He’s always wanted to know more about Seneca’s take on education, so one day four years ago he decided to fly across the country from San Francisco to get his liberal arts on in Vermont. He now thinks the Green Mountain state has a lot going for it, and he even served as the Addison County Independent‘s special demolition derby correspondentthis past summer (and sometimes wrote about some other things). George occasionally does what he can with 140 characters @georgelouisalt. [ posts ]

J.P. Allen ’11 is a Political Science major who might have been a Theater/Math major.  He (usually) posts about the arts on campus. He’s also an intern for The Addison Independent right now.  He tweets very rarely @twaljup, and even more rarely writes twitter-length short stories published in Nanoism, the premier twit-lit journal. [ posts ]

2008-2009 Writers:

Kevin B. ’11 is from Lafayette, LA and makes a mean gumbo. He also works in the Office of Institutional Planning and Diversity. Between speaking Chinese and French, he writes on intercultural issues. (posts)

Hiba F. ’09 is known for her AskHiba! advice website focusing on helping first-year students adapt to and prepare for college life at Middlebury. Hiba is a student government writer from Amman, Jordan. She also had four campaign managers and a hairstylist during her run for SGA President.

Caitlin M. ’09 is an arts writer and senior International Politics & Economics major from Santa Barbara, CA. She is the president of Classical Dance Middlebury (CDM) and organizes the Giving Tree project each year for the Alliance for Civic Engagement (ACE). She has strong views on campus dining facilities and Zipcar. (posts)

Lilli S. ’11 is a funnies writer from Atkinson, New Hampshire. She sings for the Mt. Ayres and loves Middlebury Quidditch. Normally sane, she was a crazy person in a Zoo last year. (posts)

Matt S. ’11 publishes a little-known online calendar of all events academic, cultural, and social at Middlebury College. He is a technology and events writer from New York who doesn’t believe in phones nor instant messaging but does believe in rowing. (posts)

Maeve W-W. ‘09.5 caught MiddBlog’s eye by publishing her various thoughts about studying abroad in China. As native of Chicago, she is an experiential writer, capturing Middlebury’s best moments and impressions from day-to-day life. She also enjoys Hot Dougs and her Chinese girlfriend.(posts)

2009-2010 Writers:

John S. ’12 is from an undisclosed location in the Western Hemisphere. He disgusts drying off with wet towels after a shower, and lives to eat as many different kinds of food as possible before dying. He is also studying at Middlebury for the summer. He may or may not blog at various places around the web. You will not find him in the Middlebury directory. (posts)

Beth C. ’10 is a joint English & Italian major from Stamford, CT. After spending Fall of 2008 in Florence she has devoted herself to the pursuit of life’s pleasures: food, wine, books, and coffee. She’ll be sharing related thoughts here on MiddBlog. She blogs at Piccolo Mondo, Gran Cuore and twitters at @bethconnolly. (posts)

2010-2011 Writers:

Michael Suen ’11 hails from the concrete jungle of Hong Kong. His pipe dream is writing for television, comics, or video games. In the past, he has written for The South China Morning Post, HK Magazine,, He blogs about Asia and pop culture at 21st Century Boy, tweets at @poetichentai, and whispers sweet nothings in your ear while you sleep. [ posts ]

Abigail B. ’13 was born and raised in Princeton, NJ, a land of pastel cardigans and book clubs. However, after cycling across the United States and spending her summers milking goats, Abigail decided that she wanted to spend the rest of her days living in a place that was the complete and total opposite from her homeland…hence, she found Middlebury. An Environmental Studies major whose passions for sock monkeys and tree bark are as strong as her disdain for celery, Abigail is absolutely delighted to join the blogosphere! [ posts ]

2011-2012 Writers:

Brittany Gendron ’12: From Annapolis, MD there is nothing that makes her happier than Old Bay and fresh blue crabs. Her passions include finding eccentric music, playing with her dog Jackson, watching classic old movies, pretending to be a swimmer, and hanging out in the Proctor Booths. She also loves falling in love with people through their letters (hence why she’s a history major). She also tweets @bgendron12

Robert LaMoy ’12 is a Vermonter and quite frequently does what he wants to. He enjoys things that he is good at, such as making toast and playing ping-pong. He has a hard time spelling Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis and has never been to Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu. You can check out his blogshere and here and also find him on Facebook. [ posts ]


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