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2012-2013 Writers:

Audrey, Luke, and Olivia are the lead editors of MiddBlog.

Audrey Tolbert ’13: Hailing from Perryville, MD (haven’t heard of it? Neither has anyone at Middlebury), Audrey started blogging for Middblog after spending a summer writing for English Spoken Here. Her passions? Pretentiously speaking French, listening to classical madrigal music, and drinking 13 cartons of orange juice a day. She wants to create her own major in Medieval Studies (cause that’s a marketable field). She also works at the Helpdesk and is your go/togirl for all things related to pressing the computer’s on button. Catch her tweets at @atolbs. [ posts ]

Luke Whelan ’13.5 does not intentionally match his socks, a practice he began growing up in Seattle where he was a proud member of the Seattle Ukulele Players Association (SUPA) and a hard-hitting journalist for various neighborhood newspapers. He hopes to dabble as much as he can during his time at Middlebury while fitting in a History major somewhere. [ posts ]

Olivia Noble ’13 will openly admit that unlike most of the Middlebury community and healthy people worldwide, she hates vegetables and despises running.  She comes from a small city in Ohio; however, you will find her most often almost anywhere else.  As an avid water polo player, she could probably beat you up.  In addition to MiddBlog, she also tweets at @oliviacnoble. [ posts ]

James McMillan’14 is a Vancouverite, and a Canadian who doesn’t play hockey, who didn’t realize Middlebury existed until he stumbled upon the virtual pages of Middblog. His mandate in life is to say as much as he can without saying a word. Usually that fails, so he writes instead. Apart from Middblog, James dabbles with independent filmmaking. [ posts ]

Cailey Cron ‘13.5 originally hails from Connecticut like everyone else, but desperately pleads, “I’m unique, I promise!!” She’s enjoying her new home in Tennessee and finds Southerners’ apocalyptic panic at the threat of snow flurries tobe both amusing and endearing. She is not offended by the term “Ginger,” but acknowledges it’s still best to ask, unless you want to be in serious trouble when Gingers take over the world. When she’s not standing inconveniently in doorways or in hallways or in Proctor, Cailey spends her time Febbing out, switching majors, hoarding fruit, and thinking about all the witty things she should have said but wasn’t quick enough to. She also tweets with a friend @lesredundancies. [ posts ]

Emily Singer ’14: Grew up in the suburbs of New York but feels most comfortable in big cities. How she wound up in rural Vermont has yet to be determined. An incessant hunger for trivial facts and a secret love for museums led her to declare a major in Art History. After three summers of being a Style News intern at the Huffington Post, she has finally memorized the full wardrobes of both Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton. The way to her heart is through a large iced coffee or two, but a decent Europop mixtape should also be enough to woo her. She tweets her thoughts at @emily_singer.

Cody Gohl ’13: (meaning “cushion” in Old English), is from Texas and he won’t let you forget it. Working for Admissions, he woos prospective students with his witty banter, smooth voice, and ukulele playing. He can often be seen in tie-dye or overalls, or a combination of the two. He thinks this makes him a hipster. That’s also why he likes to eat in the Proctor Booth Room. But really this kid is just a soft-hearted southerner who likes giraffes (cause they’re misunderstood – like him). [ posts ]

Mackenzie Beer ‘12.5 majors in Literary Studies and is from Los Angeles. She was kicked off of the high school newspaper for being too subjective. She hears blogs are more welcoming of that. Follow her @mackenziebeer [ posts ]

Emily Jacke, ‘12.5 is a theatre major from New Hampshire. She likes tea, scones, old fashioned shoes, weird fashion history facts, interesting socks, trees and making sense of people. Except for the tea and scones, this explains her focus in costume design. Contrary to popular belief, she does not make all her own clothes. If you follow her on Twitter @MlleLorelei you will discover her deep passion for webcomics, Amanda F*cking Palmer, and Bill McKibben. [ posts ]

Charlotte Steiner ’13 stubbornly contends to be from D.C. despite a Maryland license and Washington State tags. She has, some would say, an unhealthy love for Charlie Chaplin, which she tries to justify with a “Well, Emma Stone loves him too!” She also adores awkward dancing and dressing up in mascot suits, so if anyone can hook her up with the Panther costume, tweet her @char_chats and let her know. [ posts ]

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