Midd Quidditch World Cup Coverage

Hey everyone, with the lack of efficient and verifiable Quidditch World Cup Coverage from the Quidditch World Cup website, we’ll be covering it as well as we can over here, so stay tuned for updates from the field as Middlebury moves through the tournament.

Middlebury advances to the final (photo courtesey of @quidditchfinal)

UPDATE 10:30: MIDD WINS! (Somehow the reporting says the score is 100-80 after the snitch grab, but that seems… incorrect.) Nevertheless, WE WIN!

LIVE: CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Midd vs. UF, Midd is up, 50-40. Snitch is on the field.  There’s been a lot of violence in this game, several yellow cards and a red card to Midd for tackles from behind and roughness.

UPDATE 10:05: The championship match has begun and less than 30 seconds in, Midd player Phil Palmer is down and off the field on a stretcher.

UPDATE 9:27: Middlebury wins! @quidditchfinals “Middlebury comes from behind with a snitch snatch! Final score is 80-70 in favor of Middlebury!

UPDATE 9:03: The game has begun, Midd vs. TAM.  Currently 40-20 TAM.

UPDATE 8:55: UF has won the first semifinal, 70-50 against MNQ.  Middlebury vs. Texas A &M is up next!

UPDATE 8:20: The other semifinal is up next, featuring University of Florida vs. Minnesota Quidditch.

UPDATE 7:20: Follow this Twitter for the best coverage of the Final Four. Apparently they are having an alumni game right now. And again, go here for the best bracket we’ve found.

UPDATE 7:15 If Middlebury beats Texas A&M , they will play the winner of Minnesota and Florida. Middlebury seems a little smaller of a school then the other teams in the Final Four…

UPDATE 6:50: Middlebury is in the Final Four!!! They won on a controversial snitch catch, but after 15 minutes of deliberation, the refs ruled in their favor. They now head to the semifinals in the Stadium against Texas A&M. The game against UCLA was won 80-10.

UPDATE 6:00: Midd will be playing UCLA next for their Quarterfinal game. Check out this sheet for the most updated bracket we’ve found thus far.

UPDATE 5:30: Middlebury just came from behind to beat Boston University 60-40 on a snitch catch. At one point Middlebury was down 30-0, but in very intense battle, Midd pulled it out.  They will now advance to the quarterfinal where they will play the winner of UCLA (who they’ve already beated earlier in the tournament) vs. Michigan State. See this Twitter for a recap of Midd’s win over BU. MiddBlog will let you know where to find updates of Midd’s next game on Twitter.

UPDATE 4:00: Middlebury’s Quidditch team has made it into the elimination bracket, one of 32 teams out of the original 60 that advanced.  Midd started playing a match against Marquette, but it was cut short when a mistake in the bracket was caught. They then played Carleton instead, beating them soundly 100-10. Now they will advance to the round of 16 where they will play Boston University. It is single game elimination at this point.

Here is our second post on the tournament, covering Midd’s early Sunday games of the tournament.

And here is the first post, covering Midd’s first loss (ever) to Michigan and the rest of the Saturday games.

Promo video for Quidditch World Cup 2011

Quidditch World Cup wins from years past: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007


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