Remembering Nick Garza ’11

In order that information about Nick does not get lost in the mix of other Midd Blog posts, I have created this page as a repository. Check back here often for new information as it becomes available.


News Links

Middlebury College Communications (Updates from Ron Liebowitz, Tim Spears, and Lisa Boudah)

The Middlebury Campus (Student Newspaper)

Burlington Free Press

WCAX-TV (includes video)

Midd Blog Updates

From Feb. 13: There is now a Facebook group for Nick Garza ’11, a Middlebury College student who has been missing since Tuesday, February 5. Vist “<a href=”; mce_href=””>Middlebury College Student Nick Garza is Missing.</a>” The purpose of this group is to get as many people as possible to see Nick’s picture, especially since the circumstances of his disappearance are puzzling. Please join and invite your friends.

Feb. 14: As of 9:45 a.m., the group is approaching 3200 members. As Max Nardini ’08 suggested, invite all of your friends, even those who do not attend Middlebury. There is hope that Nick is alive and there must be somebody somewhere who has seen him. Let’s put our social networking prowess to good use!

Feb. 14, 11:00 p.m.: A Few Notes

1. Nick’s family has setup a website with information:

2. Missing Person Posters are available in the Middlebury College Crest Room this evening. If you go there and there aren’t any, it could mean that all 500 are gone, or, if it’s during the day, they may have been relocated to the ACE office, across from the ATM in McCullough.

3. The Center for Counseling and Human Relations reminds everyone that they, along with Commons Heads and Deans and the Chaplains, are available for support.

4. Garza family friend Margaret Falcone has set up a fund on the family’s behalf. You can e-mail her at Margaret.Falcone [at]; checks made out to the Garza Family Fund can be mailed to:

Natalie Garza

c/o Margaret Falcone

8444 Vista Verde

Albuquerque NM 87120

Feb. 15: There are still missing person posters available in the ACE Office and plenty of area left to cover. You can also download a PDF of the poster to print yourself: Nick Garza Missing Person Poster

I would also like to remind everyone that support systems are in place for you. For Midd students, you have Commons Heads and Deans, the Chaplains, and the Counseling Center. Other college campuses and schools have similar resources. And, of course, you always have your friends and family. As we head into the weekend, please keep this in mind and stay safe.

Feb. 16: Police are investigating the possibility that Nick has been abducted. You can read more on this development at WCAX-TV.

Feb. 16, 9:00 p.m.: It appears that police have completed an extensive search of the campus. Alas, no leads. See WCAX-TV for the full story.

Feb. 18, 12:45 p.m.: Many people have wondered aloud what they can do to help in the search for Nick. While police have asked that community members not participate in the physical search for Nick, there are still numerous ways for you to lend a hand:

1. Hang up Missing Person posters. There are some available at Middlebury College in the Alliance for Civic Engagement, or you can download the electronic version either from Midd Blog or from the site in the links section.

2. Keep inviting people to the “Middlebury Student Nick Garza is Missing” Facebook group. The more people who see Nick’s picture, the better.

3. It seems that the physical search of the campus is over, but you can still help by sticking to sidewalks. If there is evidence in all of that snow, it is best to leave it unharmed.

4. Lend support to the family. You can donate money to the Garza Family Fund (see below), or express hope and sympathy with a card or letter, or even on the Wall of this group. I know that many of Nick’s family and friends check this group frequently.

[Garza family friend Margaret Falcone has set up a fund on the family’s behalf. You can e-mail her at Margaret.Falcone [at]; checks made out to the Garza Family Fund can be mailed to:

Natalie Garza
c/o Margaret Falcone
8444 Vista Verde
Albuquerque, NM 87120]

5. And, of course, if you have any information about Nick’s disappearance, or if you see or communicate with him, please contact the Middlebury Police Department at 802-388-3191.

Feb. 22: It’s been over two weeks now, and still no word. Listen to Middlebury student Kevin Redmon describe on VPR the feeling as we all wait for answers.

Feb. 27:

  • Students at Albuquerque Academy folded 1,000 beautiful paper cranes. According to, “Zenbazuru is a Japanese tradition that symbolizes hope, luck, and prosperity. According to legend, anyone who painstakingly folds 1,000 paper cranes will have their heart’s desire.” (You can view a photo of the paper cranes on the website.)
  • Kevin Redmon ’09 describes on Vermont Public Radio what it’s like to be a Midd student watching and waiting. You can listen the podcast here.
  • Eva Sollberger of the Seven Days Vermont vlog “Stuck in Vermont” visited Middlebury last week to get the student perspective on Nick’s disappearance:


19 thoughts on “Remembering Nick Garza ’11

  1. Hello,

    I am one of Nicholas’s cousins, and thank you all so much for keeping information about Nicholas circulating.

    The family has set up a web site at:

    We would appreciate if you could link to it in your postings about Nicholas. As the search progresses, the family intends to use this site to continue sharing and collecting information, and to accept donations to a search fund being set up for the Garza family.

    Thank you!

  2. Skate Night Fundraiser to Benefit the Nick Garza Family Fund

    See the Albuquerque Academy web site for details:

    The Garza Family would like to thank everyone who was involved in organizing this event.

    Your continued hopes and prayers are deeply appreciated.

  3. Nicholas must not be forgotton here in Albuquerque / New Mexico. It seems that the media has moved on to other stories as they consider this and other stories “old news”. Please don’t let this happen. Please contact the news stations here in Albuquerque with every bit of information that is available so as to keep his name alive. Hound the heck out of the news stations!

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with Nick’s family and friends. I was struck by the story of this promising young man, and hope that this remains a priority in the news.

  5. I was reading on his page that friends went to his room on Feb 6th and found his “only coat, laptop and ipod”.
    If that was his only coat- why would they wait until Feb. 9th or 10th to see if returned from a camping trip with friends?
    He would not go camping without his coat, or ipod for that matter…
    I think the frineds maybe know something, and are afraid to come forward. It sounds weird, they all called him repeatedly, and then went to search his room??? If he was going camping, he would have told his friends and he most certainly would have told his mom- whom he talked to daily via email, text and phone….
    Maybe he got too drunk and died in some freak accident and noone wants to take the blame since he was only 19…..
    I could be wrong, and I hope I am….and I will keep praying- but some how the actions taken if the days following his disappearance dont make sense.

  6. I have Nick in my prayers and have added his name to my church’s prayer chain. It seems so odd that nobody knows anything. I’m wondering if some of the students aren’t holding back something. Nick was a freshman. Was he a victim of some college initiation prank gone bad- and people are afraid to tell what they know? Nick is a good looking young man, could someone have abducted him and forced him into some kind of pornographic video against his will? Every possibily needs to be looked into.

  7. I go to Ithaca College and the same kind of instance just occurred to William Jacobson, however, they found his body this morning in a pond on campus. There have been quite a few other cases of young, college men showing up missing which are then found in close-by bodies of water in the NY/Vermont area in the last ten years.. I hope Nick’s case is not related to this, I will pray for his safety. God bless him and everyone around him. No one should have to go through this.. no one. RIP Willie*

  8. what kind of inept police department waits so long to start a search? ive been hearing these cops are corrupt and are known for cover-ups…do these “cops” have kids that go to this school?

  9. I live in Middlebury – yes, it did take too long to start the search. However, most of you probably don’t relate to our outside conditions. The rivers have just recently become searchable although debris from the winter will make this a very long job. As a local person I can tell you firsthand that everyone here is effected by this and have tried to help where we can. As far as the cops being corrupt – no way! We are a small town and don’t have things like this happen very often so maybe their skills are rusty ( your term is inept ) but they have been working on this. They are as dedicated as they can be – there is no way they are covering anything up!!!

  10. I live about ten minutes away from Middlebury and think about this everyday. As Nanci said, yes it has taken them a long time to do the River searches due to the ice just disappearing about a couple of weeks ago, but before that they were searching campus almost every weekend. A few times the Addison County firemen set up searches where 2 from each department came and searched. My dad is a local fireman and he helped out with some of the searches. The town and other local towns I live around are so small that if there was anything to be said then people would know about it by now. We are all so close that everyone knows about it by the next day. I pray for him and his family/friends. I hope for there sack that an answer is found soon.

  11. I’m glad that the search teams have finally found Nic’s body, and sorry for the family that they have to bury their son, no one should have to bury a child. RIP, Nicholas.

  12. Is it time yet to take down this tab? I’m glad it’s finally resolved, but I’m a bit uncomfortable by this glaring reminder.

  13. This is here to stay. A lot of Midd Blog’s coverage is archived in this section and this page continues to get many hits a day. I think it would also be insensitive to remove it because several people left messages for Nick and his family. Moreover, just because the situation has been “resolved” doesn’t mean that many people on this campus do not continute to grieve for the loss of Nick.

  14. Thank you Sarah.

    You were there from the start and really appreciate you keeping this page.

    It made the Middlebury campus “uncomfortable” when Nick went missing.

    The number of students who came out to search for Nick numbered less than a half dozen.

    You should feel uncomfortable.

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